Food Service Facility Permits

What You Should Know

  • Issuance of a Health Department food service facility permit is based on the type of food served or sold in that facility and how the food is handled before, during, and after the day it is served.
  • Foods of concern are called potentially hazardous (including meats, fish, eggs, dairy, cooked rice and pasta, cut melon and bean sprouts). These foods are likely to grow the type of bacteria that cause illnesses if not handled properly or cooked to the right temperatures and kept hot or cold.

Preparing Food

How to Apply

If you are interested in applying for a Food Service Facility permit:

Note: Applications must contain an original signature. Faxed applications will not be accepted.

Categories of Food Service Facilities

  • Farmer's Market Vendor
  • High Priority Food Service Facility
  • Low Priority Food Service Facility
  • Mobile Food Service Facility
  • Moderate Priority Food Service Facility
  • Temporary Event
  • Warehouse / Processing Plant

Note: **Detailed information of each category is provided on the Food Service Facilities Category page.