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Information Technology Professional Consulting Technical Services

The Office of Information Technology (OIT) has launched the ITPC Technical Services initiative which is designed to facilitate the ability for County agencies to quickly and efficiently obtain high-quality IT firms to perform a full range of information technology (IT) professional services to assist in the effort of development, implementation, maintaining and optimizing existing and new IT systems and digital capabilities. 

The ITPC Technical Services Program provides the County with a flexible contract vehicle for obtaining consistent IT expert professionals for staff augmentation, IT Tasks, Managed Services, Management Consulting, and/or IT Management, through a simplified task order process. These task orders will be awarded to pre-qualified firms under a Master Contract in one or more Specialty Area(s). Since the Master Contractors are already under contract with the County, with a labor cost price schedule, they have already met many contracting requirements - thus shortening the time between the identification of the need and initiation of the work to address the need.

Specialty Areas

The IT services available under ITPC Technical Services Program include the following four (4) areas:

Application Development: Specific skills for custom development or configuration of COTS, SaaS, WEB, and GIS specialties, and data reporting and analytics. 

Infrastructure: All areas of technology infrastructure, disciplines, including server and storage environments hardware and utilities, integration with “cloud” platforms such as AWS, Google, and Microsoft clouds, host co-location data centers, network WAN and LAN including voice, data, video communications systems, and “IoT” automated mechanical systems. 

IT Business Processes: Including management specialists, business process specialists, auditing, project management, program management, Informatics, and others. 

IT/Cyber Security: Certified professional cyber engineers and analysts, cyber-managed services, and assessments, etc.  

Master Contractors

There are a total of thirty-one (31) participating Master Contractors with core business and expertise in one or more of the Specialty Areas. Vendor partnerships with a Master Contractor for subcontracting opportunities are encouraged. View a full listing of Master Contractors and awarded Specialty Areas.

Task Orders will be released periodically throughout the life of the Master Contract. Master Contractors will be notified of task order opportunities by email, announcing the projected release of a Task Order solicitation in their awarded Specialty Area which will include information for the response requirements, deliverables, timelines, and evaluation criteria. 

ITPC Technical Services Master Contractors