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Adult Evaluation and Review Services (AERS)

Adult Evaluation and Review Services (AERS) provides assistance to functionally and chronically ill individuals who are at risk of institutionalization. AERS staff conduct a comprehensive evaluation to identify home and community-based services, that will enable the individual to avoid institutionalization and remain as independent as possible in the least restrictive environment.  The evaluation is conducted in the client’s home or current location.

Assessment Process

During the evaluation, a nurse or social worker will ask questions about overall health history, diagnosis, mental health, family support, environmental concerns, and general financial information. The information obtained is used to develop an individualized Plan of Care with recommendations on services and resources.


There is no cost for an AERS evaluation.


Residents of the County who are at risk of institutionalization can be referred to the AERS program.

Information/Intake Line

AERS accepts referrals from physicians, other County agencies, religious organizations and any concerned individual by phone, fax or email.

Hours of Operation

To contact the AERS Program, call 301-856-4730, Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.


9314 Piscataway Road
Suite 214A
Clinton, Maryland 20735


Contact Adult Evaluation Review Services (AERS)



9314 Piscataway Road
Suite 214A
Clinton, MD 20735