Swimming Pool Water Safety

Tips for Safe Swimming & Prevention of Drowning Accidents
Swimming pools can provide families with healthy recreation. When around any body of water, there is a risk of drowning. Children are particularly at risk. Help prevent a tragedy by following these tips.
  • Never leave a child alone even for a second. There is no substitute for adult supervision.
  • Train all caretakers in life-saving, CPR and first aid.
  • Have rescue devices and a telephone at poolside.
  • Enforce rules such as no Running, no Pushing, no Dunking.
  • Check main drains and inlet fittings. People have become adhered to main drains and skimmer equalizers.
  • Make sure your pool contractor follows national safety guidelines for installing diving boards and constructing diving wells.
  • The use of alcohol and drugs can be deadly around pools.

Pool Water Safety
Pool water quality has always been an important health issue. Follow these guidelines for keeping pools safe from disease.

  • Diapers should be covered by snug-fitting rubber pants. Toddlers should wear close-fitting swimsuits.
  • Do not change diapers at poolside.
  • Make frequent trips to the restroom with children.
  • After using the restroom or changing a diaper, wash your hands with soap and water.
  • Anyone who has had diarrhea in the previous two weeks should avoid the pool.
  • Do not drink pool water.