Family Health Services

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The Family Health Services provide preventive, clinical and outreach health services to Prince George’s County residents. We are here for you at every stage.

Dental Services

The Dental Health Program provides comprehensive dental treatment with an emphasis on oral health education and early intervention to prevent early childhood care and to ensure quality access to services for uninsured residents of the County.

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Reproductive Health Resource Center

Our integrated care model makes it possible for clients to receive comprehensive primary care services at the Prince George's County Health Department.

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The Clinical Services program provides routine immunizations against childhood diseases to children and young adults, ages 2 months to 18 years, with limited or no health insurance.

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HIV / AIDS Program

The HIV/AIDS Program (HAP) is responsible for providing comprehensive, HIV medical care to those persons living with HIV/AIDS disease who are uninsured or underinsured.

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Tuberculosis (TB) Control

The Tuberculosis (TB) Control Program is responsible for the management of TB care in Prince George’s County.

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Women, Infants & Children (WIC)

The Prince George’s County Health Department has a Woman, Children and Infants (WIC) program which provides supplemental nutrition services for women, infants and children if you meet WIC eligibility guidelines.

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School Based Wellness Centers

Comprehensive health and social services are offered in a student-friendly, readily accessible school health center in four of the County’s public high schools.

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Maternal and Infant Health

Maternal and Infant Health Programs offer services and educational information designed to promote healthy pregnancy outcomes and provide education for the community about important pregnancy and infant topics that are impacting the residents of Prince George’s County.

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