Extreme heat emergency

County opens cooling centers. Urges caution during this severe weather period. Visit mypgc.us/StayCool for more information

Air Quality Services

The Environmental Engineering/Policy Program offers various services to residents to help maintain and safeguard the air we breathe. These services include:

  • Addressing Indoor Smoking Complaints: We respond to complaints about indoor smoking in establishments across Prince George’s County, ensuring compliance with the Clean Indoor Air Act (CIAA) of 2007. This law prohibits smoking in indoor places, such as restaurants, bars, and most public businesses in Maryland.
  • Evaluating Burn Requests and Issuing Open Fire Permits: We assess applications for open burn sites to ensure they meet specific criteria before granting Open Fire Permits. Applications are now processed in Momentum.
  • Investigating Air Pollution Complaints: We investigate complaints related to air pollution sources, such as smoke, fumes, dust, odors, and industrial emissions.
  • Reviewing Building and Occupancy Permits: We review Building Permit and Use and Occupancy Permit applications, as well as Environmental Impact Statements, to identify significant sources of air pollution.
  • Providing Guidance on Permits: We advise applicants on obtaining construction and operating permits from the Maryland Department of the Environment for sources of air pollution.
  • Participating in Regional Air Quality Planning: We actively engage in regional air quality planning activities.

Our goal is to ensure that everyone in Prince George's County can enjoy clean, healthy air. If you have any concerns or questions about air quality, please feel free to reach out at (877) 515-4593