Volunteer Opportunities

Neighborhood Cleanup Program

The Volunteer Neighborhood Cleanup Program is a community-sponsored volunteer program that enables the Department of the Environment to partner with civic and homeowner associations, local businesses, and non-profit organizations. It is geared toward small, medium and large-sized communities. Projects under this program include neighborhood cleanups and stream cleanups. The Sustainability Division provides each interested community with technical assistance and materials such as trash bags, gloves, and may also include roll off containers depending on availability.

Communities interested in participating in the Volunteer Neighborhood Cleanup Program can call 301-883-7164.


Storm Drain Stenciling Program

A storm drain stenciling project is a great way to spread the word throughout your community to take action to prevent water pollution and maintain a clean environment. You, your neighbors and your entire community can help prevent water pollution by stenciling/inlet marking the storm drains in your neighborhood with the "Don't Dump - Chesapeake Bay Drainage." Stenciling serves as a visual reminder to your neighbors that anything dumped in the storm drain contaminates the Chesapeake Bay.

The county will help you design a storm drain stenciling/inlet marking project that can be accomplished with any size team or age group. You supply the volunteers and the county will provide the supplies which may include DoE participation. To begin planning your project, call the Department of the Environment at 301-883-5829.