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2023 Digital Counties Survey

Prince George’s County, Md., took first place in its population category (500,000 to 999,000) for the third year, demonstrating its continued commitment to improving services through technology. The county doubled down on its efforts to expand broadband access, joining the state-sponsored Broadband Local Jurisdiction Workgroup to enhance communications and collaborations with neighboring jurisdictions to identify best practices and expand on projects that are working well.

Also in the realm of citizen-facing tech, the county made improvements to its PG Atlas GIS website. The new EagleView tool allows users to see orthogonal and oblique imagery for any address within the county, and the images are updated annually. Additionally, the new CycloMedia Street Smart tool shows 5,000 linear miles of street view imagery from 2020 and 2023, and the images will be updated bi-annually.

On the streets themselves, Prince George’s County looked to technology in support of its Vision Zero strategy. Several high-volume intersections were outfitted with adaptive traffic signal control that responds to traffic patterns in real time and optimizes safety. And in the interest of encouraging electric vehicle adoption, the County has developed a data-driven deployment strategy that uses GIS data to analyze the demand for charging and determine optimal locations to install charging infrastructure.

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2022 Digital Counties Survey

The connected infrastructure of Prince George’s County uses IOT-related tech such as sensors and intelligent systems for traffic, connected vehicles, and smart bus shelters. The Vehicles-to-Infrastructure project extended County-owned fiber optic cable to traffic signals. Gigabit-speed provides real-time network security and monitoring of transportation systems. Finally, next-generation 9-1-1 was implemented to receive emergency calls via text and video: calls are geolocated to the correct PSAP for an accurate and timely response.

2022 Digital County Survey Winner

2021 Digital Counties Survey

Prince George’s County has a best practices-level comprehensive cyber strategy and management. Last year a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) and Security Analyst were brought on board. A virtual Security Operations Center and a risk-management tool “Security ScoreCard” were implemented across 27 local jurisdictions. The impact of phishing and ransomware attempts was reduced by 90 percent.

2021 Digital County Survey Winner

2020 Digital Counties Survey

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2020 Digital County Survey Winner