HIV Prevention Video Series

 Ending The HIV Epidemic

About the HIV Prevention Video Series

In this four-episode video series, follow the interconnected stories of Donte, Avery, Pamela, and Sidney, as they navigate casual dating and sexual health. This video series aims to promote HIV prevention, dispel stigma about HIV, and foster open conversations about sexual health and safer sexual practices. With this video series, we are continuing to raise awareness about HIV and empower our community to combat HIV effectively. 

Why a Video Series? 

The HIV Prevention video series is an innovative strategy to engage younger adult audiences about sexual health and HIV. This engagement is particularly important in Prince George's County, which has the highest rates of new HIV diagnoses in Maryland. The HIV infection rate among residents 13-34 is alarming, with 53.95% of the 258 new HIV diagnoses in 2022, occurring in this age group. To address this, the county is part of a bold national initiative to reduce new infections by 90% by 2030.  The video series is one of Prince George’s County's numerous strategies to increase awareness about HIV and connect residents to HIV prevention resources and support. 

HIV Prevention Video Series

PrEP  (Pre-exposure prophylaxis) 101- What is it? 

In this first episode of the HIV Prevention video series, influencer Sidney live-streams PrEP education to the community. We see Donte, Avery, and Pamela watching the live-stream and increasing their knowledge on PrEP. The larger story begins to unfold as Donte gets tested for HIV.  

View Episode 1 - PrEP Awareness: Beginning the Journey

Misinformation and Stopping HIV Stigma 

In Episode 2, misinformation about HIV is tackled. Avery thinks Donte might have HIV. Sidney provides accurate information about how she can protect herself against HIV.

View Episode 2 - Understanding Protection: HIV Stigma

What if an HIV Test is Positive?  

In Episode 3 anxiety around a possible HIV diagnosis is explored. Donte nervously awaits his HIV test results, Keisha provides support and information about HIV treatment. 

View Episode 3 - Facing the Unknown: The HIV Test

Your Sexual Health is Important. You Can Talk About It. 

In the final episode, discussions about sexual health with sexual partners take center stage. Choosing safer sexual practices can be a decision made together.  Donte receives his test results and talks with Avery about their future.

View Episode 4 - Health and Honesty: The Results Are In!

STI/HIV Prevention Information 

If you or someone you know needs STI/HIV prevention information, testing, treatment, or support, please reach out to the Prince George’s County Health Department. 

HIV/AIDS Program provides comprehensive, quality, HIV medical care to persons living with HIV/AIDS who are uninsured or underinsured. 

STI Control Program provides education, testing, and treatment for sexually transmitted infections (STIs). The program also provides HIV testing and linkage to care at the health department and/or partner locations.   

PrEP (Pre-exposure prophylaxis Program provides comprehensive education and clinical services for PrEP, a medication for HIV negative people to prevent getting HIV. 

Free HIV Self Tests is a free HIV Home Testing Program run by the Virginia Department of Health with support of the Maryland Department of Health Center for HIV Prevention and Health Services.  

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