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Maternal and Infant Health Programs

A mother feeding her baby milk from a bottle with the title "Maternal And Infant Health Programs".

Maternal and Infant Health Programs offer services and educational information designed to promote healthy pregnancy outcomes and provide education for the community about important pregnancy and infant topics that are impacting the residents of Prince George’s County.


  • Women residing in Prince George’s County of childbearing age who are pregnant or desire to be pregnant in the next 12-18months.
  • Women who have an infant under 24 months of age
  • Women who have experienced a miscarriage, stillbirth, or infant loss.
  • Any resident who is involved with the care of a new infant: ie..grandparents, childcare providers, family members.

Programs & Services

  1. Healthy Beginnings Program

    The Healthy Beginnings Program offers services to promote healthy pregnancy outcomes and early health care practices for infants and children.

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  2. Safe Sleep Campaign

    Safe Sleep training for organizations, child care centers, or community groups that interact with pregnant women, mothers with infants <1yr of age, or care for infants under 1 year of age.

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  3. Community Action Team

    The Prince George’s County Community Action Team (CAT) brings key stakeholders from the community together such as key community leaders, public health agencies and providers, human service providers, health care providers, and consumer/advocacy groups to create public health interventions that address trends in infant mortality.

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Contact Maternal and Infant Health Programs



3003 Hospital Drive
Suite 2061
Cheverly, MD 20785