Health Forms

Applications & Permits

  1. Food Service Facility Permit Renewals - High, Moderate and Low Priority (PDF)
  2. Food Service Manager Training Application_Non-profit Organizations (PDF)
  3. Innovative or Alternative Percolation Test Application (PDF)
  4. Mobile Food Service Facility Permit Application (PDF)
  5. Open Fire Permit Application (PDF)
  6. Percolation Test Application (PDF)
  7. Percolation Test/Sewage Contractor Application (PDF)
  8. Plan Review Application for Food Service Facility and/or Public Swimming Pool/Spa (PDF)
  9. Pool/Spa Operator License Application (PDF)
  10. Public Spa/Swimming Pool License Application (PDF)
  11. Sewage Disposal Permit (PDF)
  12. Sewage Disposal Permit Renewal Application (PDF)
  13. Temporary Food Service Facility Permit Application (PDF)
  14. Certified Food Service Manager Card (PDF)
  15. Farmers Market Vendor/Sampler/Temporary Special Food Service Facility Permit Application (PDF)
  16. Fees for Duplicate Licenses and/or Permits (PDF)
  17. Fees for Miscellaneous Inspections, Consultations and Equipment Evaluations (PDF)
  18. Food Service Facility Application - High Priority (PDF)
  19. Food Service Facility Application - Low Priority (PDF)
  20. Food Service Facility Application - Moderate Priority (PDF)
  21. Plat Review Application (PDF)
  22. Bay Restoration Fund Application (PDF)
  23. Planning Guide - Food Service Facilities in Prince George's County (PDF)
  24. Planning Guide - Public Swimming Pools and Spas/Hot Tubs in Prince George's County (PDF)
  25. Temporary and Special Food Service Requirements Checklist (PDF)
  26. Scavenger License Application
  27. Plan Review Resubmittal Application (PDF)
  28. Agricultural Well Certification Application
  29. Depot Letter (Mobile Unit Base of Operations) (PDF)
  30. Guidelines for Submitting a HACCP Plan (PDF)
  31. Checklist for Construction or Remodel of Pool or Spa (PDF)