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Trash Time Change

Due to extreme heat, trash collection throughout the county will begin at 5 am beginning Monday, July 15, 2024. Learn more at mypgc.us/ClearTheCurb.

Safe Sleep Campaign

“Love Me, Protect Me, Make Sure I Sleep Safe”

Babies that are put to sleep in an unsafe sleep environment are at risk of dying from a sleep-related death every time they go to sleep. Babies in Prince George’s County are no exception! Babies here are dying every year from being placed in adult beds, on couches, in car seats, and other unapproved surfaces when they go to sleep. These deaths are preventable when parents, grandparents, and other caregivers make sure to put their babies to sleep: Alone, On Their Back, In a Crib, in a Smoke-Free Environment.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that we share our rooms and not our beds until our babies are one year of age. By following these simple steps, we can protect our babies and keep them safe while they sleep.


  • Safe Sleep training for organizations, childcare centers, or community groups that interact with pregnant women, mothers with infants <1yr of age, or care for infants under 1 year of age.
  • Individual Education and Outreach

Educational Materials and Resources for New Parents

About 3,400 infants die suddenly and unexpectedly each year in the United States. Most of these deaths result from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and other sleep-related causes of infant death, such as suffocation.

For more information on safe sleep community resources or to schedule a training please contact us at maternalhealth@co.pg.md.us.

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