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Food Service Facility Categories

Information On Food Service Facility Categories

If you need a license or permit for your food-related business, visit the Applications for Food Service Facility Permits and Food Service Manager Certificates on the Prince George's County Department of Permitting, Inspections, and Enforcement (DPIE) website.


High-Priority Food Service Facility

  • This facility is typically a healthcare facility or a facility that serves potentially hazardous food that is prepared a day or more in advance.
  • They use food preparation methods that require the food to pass through temperature ranges of 41°F to 135°F two or more times before service, such as cooking, cooling, and reheating.

Moderate Priority Food Service Facility

  • This facility serves potentially hazardous food;
  • Prepared food passes through the temperature range 41°F to 135°F not more than one time before service, such as cooking, hot holding, and then serving; or
  • Food is cut, assembled, or packaged on the premises, such as meats, vegetables, and fruits.

Low-Priority Food Service Facility

  • This facility serves commercially packaged potentially hazardous foods directly to the buyer
  • Non-potentially hazardous food is cut, assembled, or packaged on the premises, such as candy, popcorn, and baked goods; or
  • Hand-dipped ice cream.

Mobile Food Service Facility

  • A mobile unit is a type of food service facility that is designed to be moved from one location to another after each day's operation. These units can be powered by mechanical, electrical, manual, or other means.
  • However, vending food on public rights of way in Prince George's County and on private property is not allowed, unless it is taking place at a stadium, amusement park, carnival, festival, fair, or similar event. In such cases, the event must have obtained a Temporary Use Permit (TEP) from the Department of Environmental Resources.

Temporary Event

  • Issued to future food and drink vendors that operate at a fixed location not more than five days straight also with a fair, festival, carnival, community day, concession stand, or special events.
  • Basic Requirements Checklist (PDF)

Farmer's Market Vendor

  • Allows you to serve or sell foods defined in COMAR Must be listed by the Maryland Department of Agriculture.

Warehouse / Processing Plant

  • Any food that is stored or processed for wholesale distribution.