System of Care (SOC)


Coordinated Mental Health Services and Support for Prince George’s County’s children, youth, young adults and their families.

Prince George's County Health Department Secures Grants for Youth and Families

New Behaviorial Health Programs Announcement

The Prince George's County Health Department Behavioral Health Services Division received two grants from Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).  SAMHSA helps kids and teens with mental health issues. They want to make sure young people get the help they need to grow up well. These grants are big news for Prince George's County. They'll connect kids, teens, and families to mental health resources, reduce stigma, and make services easier to access.  Both programs start on March 30, 2024

  • System of Care Grant: The health department will use this grant to help 350 kids and teens (up to age 21) with emotional troubles and their families. They'll focus on mental health and help those at risk of getting into trouble. 
  • Healthy Transitions Grant: This program will support 275 young adults (ages 16 - 25) in Prince George’s County. It targets those with or at risk of serious mental health issues. 

Download the Behavioral Health Programs flyer below.

What is a System of Care (SOC)? 

It's like a toolbox to help kids and families with challenges. Different people work together to give the right support, whether for health, emotions, or school. 

Key Principles

  • Comprehensive - Offers lots of services and support.
  • Coordinated - Different groups work together. 
  • Individualized - Tailored to each child’s needs. 
  • Culturally Competent - Respects different cultures. 
  • Partnerships - Families and kids are part of the decision-making. 

Essential Elements

System of Care Core Values: 

  • Families and kids decide what help they need. 
  • Services are based in the community. 
  • Services respect different cultures. 

Guiding Principles

  • Offers many services. 
  • Each kid gets their own plan. 
  • Services are given where it's best for the child. 
  • Families and kids help make decisions. 
  • Different groups work together. 
  • Services fit the child's age. 
  • Helps kids before they have problems. 

These ideas guide how we support kids and families, making our communities healthier and stronger. 

Mental Health Providers and Referrals

To access our Mental Health services, the referral process begins with various sources, including the Department of Social Services, Department of Juvenile Services, Prince George's County Public Schools, or through self-referral. Once a referral is made, the Department of Family Services receives it for further action. To learn more about our providers or to submit a referral, visit the Mental Health Support and Services webpage