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Business or Rental Licenses

Licensing Center

The Licensing Center issues business licenses and regulates various business activities per the County Code. In addition, staff monitors and investigates items/concerns related to Code Compliance throughout the active term of a license. This includes ensuring certain Use and Occupancy (U&O) permits are current and that licenses adhere to professional standards and operate in accordance with County Code.

Business Licenses, email

The County Business License Center is not to be confused with the State Business License Division, which issues licenses for certain specified Maryland businesses located within Prince George's County. To find out whether you are required to obtain a business license from the Clerk's Office, go to State of Maryland Business License Information System (BLIS).


Notice - Change in Electrical Licenses

NOTICE: Electrical Examinations Temporarily Suspended


NOTICE: Farmers’ Market Procedures During COVID-19 Emergency

Modifications have been made to the Farmers’ Market Temporary Use Code Operations. For more information, view the Health Licensing’s Food Service Facility (FSF) Permits page and read the "COVID-19 Farmers’ Market Operations" list of vendor requirements.