Swimming Pool Inspections

Swimming Pool

Applications & Permits for Public Swimming Pools and Spas

If you own or manage a public swimming pool, wading pool, or spa, you'll need to get a permit through Momentum. 

Who Can Apply?

Owners, property owners, or pool management companies can submit the application.

Required Form:

Include a Suction Outlet Cover Survey form for each pool, spa, feature, and equalizer line at your facility.
Find more details about safety guidelines in VGBA Publication 361: Guidance for Safety, the Pool and Spa Safety Act.

This application is not needed for pools or spas at private residences.

How to Apply:
•    Follow these steps in Momentum.
•    Download the PDF of the Suction Outlet Cover Survey form.
•    Fill it out manually or use PDF filler software.
•    Submit the completed survey with your application in Momentum.

Important Reminder:

The Suction Outlet Cover Survey form is mandatory for approval.

Pool Operator License:

If you're in charge of running a public swimming pool, wading pool, or spa, you need a pool operator license.

Licenses and Permit Questions?

Email your queries about licenses and permits to PGCHealthpools@co.pg.md.us.