Disease Control

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The Environmental Health/Disease Control Division works to keep our community safe and healthy. We do this by regulating the environment, inspecting public places, educating the public, preparing for emergencies, and controlling diseases. A healthy environment is important for our community to grow and succeed!

Learn about specific health topics:


Explore documents, frequently asked questions, and helpful links about Ebola.

Enterovirus-D68 (EV-D68)

Enteroviruses are a group of viruses, including those that cause polio. Find out more about them here.

Influenza (Flu)

Check when and where flu vaccination clinics are happening in your area.


Discover information about measles, a highly contagious respiratory disease caused by a virus.

Monkeypox (MPX)

Monkeypox (MPX) is an infectious disease caused by the Monkeypox virus.

Rabies Control

Learn the facts about rabies, animal bites, and what to do if a pet or person is exposed to a wild or domestic animal.

Reportable Diseases & Conditions

See a list of diseases and conditions that need to be reported.

West Nile Virus

Understand how mosquitoes transmit West Nile Virus, affecting the nervous system.

Zika Virus

Find out about Zika virus disease, which is primarily spread through mosquito bites.

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Get news and information about the coronavirus and the County’s response.

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