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Find Insurance

Affordable Health Insurance

Find out how to apply and enroll in affordable health insurance for you and your family by visiting the Prince George’s County Health Connect for more information.

Find out about your financial health. Attend the

Health Insurance Literacy (HIL) Series


Free / Low-Cost Healthcare

The Maryland Children's Health Program provides free health insurance for pregnant women and children who have moderate to low incomes. For example, you may be eligible if you have a family income below $29,140 for a family of two, including a pregnant woman and her unborn child. Income limits are higher for larger families.

Health Choice

If you are eligible, you will be enrolled in Health Choice, the statewide managed care program. Applications may be mailed or filled out in person at a Health Department Regional Access Center.

Additional Programs

Individuals who are not eligible for Maryland Children's Health Program may be eligible for two other programs:

  • The Medical Care for Children Partnership (MCCP) of Prince George's County is a program sponsored by Prince George's County Health Department and Kaiser Permanente. Through this program, health insurance is available for children in eligible families for a nominal fee.
  • The Kaiser Bridge program provides low cost health insurance for adults who are not eligible for or covered by another health plan, including Medicare or Medicaid. The Bridge Program helps people who suddenly find that they cannot afford health insurance because of a change in job status or income. To qualify for this program, you must be a Prince George's County resident and meet income limits and certain other requirements.
  • Medical Assistance for Families

More Information

For an application for the Health Choice Program, or for more information about the programs listed above, please call Healthline at 888-561-4049 or 800-977-7388.

Help Finding Health Care/Doctor

  • Nurses assist Healthline callers apply for health insurance and find a doctor or needed health care.
  • Detailed information for Healthline is provided.
  • There are no fees for Healthline services. Call today!

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