Percolation Tests

Percolation (PERC) testing is required for any property that is not going to be served by public sewer and before any on-site sewage disposal system can be installed. If you plan to build on undeveloped property in Prince George's County and your property is unable to be served by public sewer, you must apply to the Prince George's County Health Department to conduct PERC testing.

Update 01/24/2024

Wet season percolation (PERC) testing for Prince George’s County will open on 2/1/24 due to soil saturation levels.

Test Tube


When you want to get a percolation test done for a piece of land, you need to follow a few steps. First, you have to apply through the Momentum website. They process applications in the order they receive them.

To get the test, you must submit your application and pay the required lot fee. There's also a 5% technology fee added to the total amount. No testing will happen until they get your application and process it.

If you've applied for a percolation test before, and it was accepted by the Health Department, it won't work for the upcoming wet season. You need to apply again. But, if you're testing new pieces of land that you didn't mention before, you don't need to reapply.

In simple terms, apply online, pay the fees, and wait for them to process your application before any testing can happen. If you're testing new areas, you might need to apply again, but not if you've already mentioned them in your previous applications.

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