Food Service Facility Categories

Information On Food Service Facility Categories

For licensing and permits, go to: Applications for Food Service Facility Permits and Food Service Manager Certificates - Prince George's County Department of Permitting, Inspections and Enforcement (DPIE)

High Priority Food Service Facility


  • A health care facility; or
  • Serves potentially hazardous food that is prepared a day or more in advance;
  • Using food preparation methods that require the food to pass through the temperature range of 41°F to 135°F two or more times before service, such as cooking, cooling, and then reheating.

Moderate Priority Food Service Facility


  • Serves potentially hazardous food;
  • Prepared food passes through the temperature range 41°F to 135°F not more than one time before service, such as cooking, hot holding, and then serving ; or
  • Food is cut, assembled, or packaged on the premises, such as meats, vegetables and fruits.

Low Priority Food Service Facility


  • Commercially packaged potentially hazardous foods served directly to the consumer;
  • Non-potentially hazardous food is cut, assembled, or packaged on the premises, such as candy, popcorn, and baked goods; or
  • Hand dipped ice cream.

Mobile Food Service Facility


  • Mobile unit shall mean a special food service facility which is a mechanically, electrically, manually, or otherwise propelled vehicle that is relocated following each day's operation to an approved depot or other location acceptable to the approving authority.
  • Public vending of food mobile units is prohibited on public rights of way in Prince George’s County and on private property except as permitted at a stadium, amusement park, in conjunction with a carnival, festival, fair or similar event which has been issued a Temporary Use Permit (TEP) from the Department of Environmental Resources.

Temporary Event


  • Issued to prospective food and drink vendors that operate at a fixed location not more than five consecutive days in conjunction with a fair, festival, carnival, community day, concession stand or special events.
  • Basic Requirements Checklist (PDF)

Farmer's Market Vendor


  • Allows you to serve or sell foods defined in COMAR Must be listed by the Maryland Department of Agriculture.

Warehouse / Processing Plant


  • Any food that is stored or processed for wholesale distribution.