Courthouse Closed

County Courthouse is closed today due to the worldwide CrowdStrike outage

Elected Officials



County Executive

Angela D. Alsobrooks (D)


County Council Members

Each council member's term is for 4 years. The council members are:

  • Jolene Ivey (D), Chair, District 5
  • Sydney J. Harrison, Vice-Chair, District 9
  • Mel Franklin (D), At-Large
  • Calvin S. Hawkins, II At-Large
  • Thomas E. Dernoga (D), Chair, District 1
  • Wanika B. Fisher, District 2
  • Eric C. Olson (D), District 3
  • Ingrid S. Watson (D), District 4
  • Wala Blegay (D), District 6
  • Krystal Oriadha (D), District 7
  • Edward Burroughs III (D), District 8

Constitutional Officers 

(4 year term)

Board of Education 

The School Board consists of 14 members. There are nine members elected by School Board District, four appointed (At Large) members, and 1 student member.
Prince George's County Board of Education  

  • Judy Mickens-Murray, Chair, At-Large
  • Lolita E. Walker, Vice Chair, District 9
  • David Murray, District 1
  • Jonathan Briggs, District 2
  • Pamela Boozer-Strother, District 3
  • Shayla Adams-Stafford. District 4
  • Dr. Zipporah Miller, District 5
  • Branndon D. Jackson, District 6
  • Kenneth Harris II, District 7
  • Madeline LaSalle Frazier, District 8
  • Walter L. Fields, At-Large
  • Juanita Miller, At-Large
  • Curtis Valentine, At-Large
  • Alvaro Ceron-Ruiz, Student Member

Visit the Maryland State Board of Election's voter lookup to find your voting districts.
Prince George's County GIS Elected Representative Lookup by Address





Wes Moore

Lieutenant Governor

Aruna Miller

General Assembly

Senators and Delegates for each Legislative District in Prince George's County.

District 21

  • Sen. James C. Rosapepe (D)
  • Del. Benjamin S. Barnes (D)
  • Del. Mary A. Lehman (D)
  • Del. Joseline Pena-Melynk (D)

District 22

  • Sen. Paul G. Pinsky (D)
  • Anne Healey (D)
  • Alonzo T. Washington (D)
  • Nicole A. Williams (D)

District 23

  • Sen. Ronald L. Watson (D)
  • Del. Adrian Boafo (D) - District 23A
  • Del. Marvin E. Holmes, Jr. (D) - District 23B
  • Del. Kym Taylor (D) - District 23B

District 24

  • Sen. Joanne C. Benson (D)
  • Del. Tiffany T. Alston (D) 
  • Del. Andrea Fletcher Harrison (D)
  • Del. Jazz M. Lewis (D)

District 25

  • Sen. Melony Griffith(D)
  • Del. Darryl Barnes (D)
  • Del. Nick Charles (D)
  • Del. Karen R. Toles (D)

District 26

  • Sen. Anthony Muse (D)
  • Del. Veronica Turner (D)
  • Del. Kriselda Valderrama (D)
  • Del. Jamila J. Woods (D)

District 27

  • Sen. Michael A. Jackson. (D)
  • Del. Kevin M. Harris (D) - District 27A
  • Del. Jeffrie E. Long, Jr. (D) - District 27B

District 47

  • Sen. Malcolm Augustine (D)
  • Del. Diana M. Fennell (D) - District 47A
  • Del. Julian Ivey (D) - District 47A
  • Del. Deni L. Taveras (D) - District 47B





Joseph R. Biden - D

Vice President

Kamala Harris - D

United States Senators

Term - 6 years

United States House of Representatives

Term - 2 years