Building Plan Review

The Building Plan Review Division reviews all building plans (residential and commercial) to ensure compliance with all applicable Building Codes and standards, including architectural, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards, and energy, as well as the below sections.

What Building Plan Review Services Are You Looking For?

Structural Building Section, icon of I-Beam used in construction
Electrical, icon of electrical symbol in gear
Fire and Life Safety, icon of fire alarm
Health, icon of temperature gauge
Mechanical, icon of hard hat on gear
Variance Request, icon of repositioning symbols representing planning
Predesign Review Meeting, icon of requirements being put into place

Building Plan Review Quick Links

Permit Review Timelines 1, icon of trail to a permit
Online Applications, globe on computer screen
ePlan, pic of back of engineer reviewing architectural plans on computer screen
BPR AE Seal Requirements, icon of an Approved seal stamped on a set of plans
Quick Links, icon of chain link on computer screen
Organization Chart, icon of  hierarchy of employees
Building Permit Fee Multiplier Adjustment, icon of calculator
How Much Does It Cost, icon of question mark on wallet
Make a Payment, ePayments, icon of wallet with money

Need to Know Building Plan Review Information

Building Plan Review Notices and Alerts, icon of red broadcast tower
Applicable Codes, icon of law books
Documents, icon of folder with papers
Municipality-Responsibilities, icon of gated neighborhood
Frequently Asked Questions, icon of FAQ acronym inside speech bubble
ePlan Workflow icon showing pathway to a Building Permit
What Work is Exempt from Permits? Icon of handyman with wrench in front of house and question mark
Contact Information, icon of phone and ellipsis in speech bubble
Third Party Plan Review, icon of school
Peer Review Program, icon of culvert style bridge with car crossing over top

Third-Party Plan Review Program (TPPRP)

Prince George’s County offers a Third-Party Plan Review Program for the review and approval of building plans and documents through DPIE for large projects, design-build commercial buildings, fire protection systems, and more. For more information, visit the Third-Party Plan Review Program page.

Peer Review Program (PRP)

Prince George’s County offers a Peer Review Program (PRP) through DPIE to provide an optional tool for applicants to reduce review times associated with review and approval of submitted construction plans. For more information, visit the Peer Review Program page.