Building Plan Review Forms

The Building Plan Review Division conducts architectural, building/structural, electrical, mechanical, energy conservation, ADA compliance, and fire/life safety plan reviews.

Co-located agencies that review plans under the Building Plan Review Division at DPIE are: Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission WSSC (water/sewer connections) and Prince George's County Health Department, Division of Environmental Health (food service and mobile food service facilities, public swimming pools and spas, and on-site sewage disposal systems and wells).

Forms & Applications



  1. Plan Screen Checklist for Health Projects (PDF)
  2. Plan Screen Checklist for Commercial Projects (PDF)
  3. Plan Screen Checklist for Residential Projects (PDF)


  1. BPRD Requirements for Signs (PDF)
  2. Building and Trade Permits Plan Review Submission for Architectural and Professional Engineer (A/E) Seal Requirements (PDF) | Spanish | Amharic
  3. Change of Occupancy Use per the Building Code (PDF)
  4. Climatic and Geographic Design Criteria (PDF)
  5. Fire and Life Safety Snow and Ice Removal Maintenance Agreement (PDF)
  6. Peer Review Program Manual (PDF)
  7. Rack Storage Plan Review Requirements (PDF)
  8. Tenant Fit-Outs Guide (PDF)
  9. Variance Request (PDF)
  10. Work Exempt from Permit List (PDF)

Architectural and Structural

  1. Architectural and Structural Single Family and Townhouses Checklist
  2. Commercial - Structural Plan Review Requirements
  3. Minimum Plan Submission Requirements for Plans on File (POF) for Single-Family House(s) and Townhouse(s) (PDF)
  4. Minimum Plan Submission Requirements for Residential Projects — New Single-Family House(s) and Addition(s) to Existing House Projects (PDF)
  5. State Accessibility Compliance Form for Alteration & Addition to Existing Commercial Buildings (PDF)

Common Details for Residential One & Two-Family Dwellings and 3-Story Townhouses

  1. PG County - A101 Elevations (PDF)
  2. PG County - A102 Floor Plans (PDF)
  3. PG County - Areaway Detail (PDF)
  4. PG County - Carport Detail (PDF)
  5. PG County - CMU Basement Wall Detail (PDF)
  6. PG County - Concrete Basement Wall with Waterproofing Detail (PDF)
  7. PG County - Concrete Retaining Wall (PDF)
  8. PG County - Exterior Concrete Stair and Landing Detail (PDF)
  9. PG County - Finishing Basement (PDF)
  10. PG County - Foundation Drain System (PDF)
  11. PG County - Gas Tank Locations (PDF)
  12. PG County - Guardrail and Stair Stringer Detail (PDF)
  13. PG County - Masonry Retaining Wall (PDF)
  14. PG County - Residential ADA Ramp (PDF)
  15. PG County - Residential Roof Repair Detail (PDF)
  16. PG County - S101 Foundation Plans (PDF)
  17. PG County - S102 Floor and Roof Framing Plans (PDF)
  18. PG County - S103 Building Sections Plans (PDF)
  19. PG County - S104 Wall Bracing Plans (PDF)
  20. PG County - Shed Detail (PDF)
  21. PG County - Solar Panel Plan Requirement (PDF)
  22. PG County - Solar Roof Connection Sample Plan (PDF)
  23. PG County - Steel Beam Post Detail (PDF)
  24. PG County - Wall Section - Slab on Grade (PDF)
  25. PG County - Wall Section with Crawl Space (PDF)
  26. PG County - Window Well Details (PDF)
  27. PG County - Wood Deck (PDF)
  28. PG County - Wood Deck - Prescriptive Residential Free-Standing Wood Deck Construction Guidelines (PDF)


  1. Area Site Lighting Requirements (PDF)
  2. DPIE Guidelines for Permitting Electric Vehicle Charging Stations (PDF)
  3. DPIE Guidelines for Permitting Rooftop PV Solar Array Systems (PDF)
  4. Checklist for Electrical Plan Review Minimum Submission (PDF)


  1. HVAC System Certification Form (PDF)
  2. Mechanical Plan Review Requirements (PDF)
  3. Checklist for Mechanical Plan Review Minimum Submission (PDF)

Fire & Life Safety

  1. Fire Protection Systems Permitting Process Simplified — FIR Cases