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Building/Structural Section

Structural Plan Review, employee working on split screens to review plans


The Building/Structural Section provides the structural plan review and accessibility (ADA) plan review within DPIE’s Building Plan Review Division. The section conducts structural plan review for all small and large commercial and residential projects.

The structural plan reviews include review of the foundation and the superstructure. Particular attention is given to the review of the framing plans for gravity dead and live loads, and the review of lateral loads resisting system(s) due to wind and seismic loads. The reviews are performed for code compliance and to ensure conformity to the engineering principles and industry standards.

Important Information


Third-Party Plan Review Program (TPPRP)

Prince George’s County mandates a Third-Party Plan Review Program for the review and approval of building plans and documents through the Department of Permitting, Inspections and Enforcement (DPIE). This program allows owners and applicants to select a DPIE authorized Third-Party Plan Review Agency (TPPRA) at their own cost to review and approve drawings of building projects in lieu of County staff. TPPRAs may be used on multifamily residential and commercial buildings. TPPRAs must be retained for building plan review on:

  • All commercial buildings valued at over $50 million;
  • All design-build commercial buildings;
  • All government (e.g., school) buildings;
  • All fire protection systems (see "Third-Party Plan Review Manual for Fire Protection Systems"); and
  • All multi-family (Apartment/Condominium) residential buildings at over $50 million
  • Other Structures determined by the Building Code Official, or their representative, to be of unusual design or where code reference standards require special architectural or engineering inspections.
  • The Building Code Official, or their representative, may include or exclude a project from the TPPRP due to its simplicity or complexity upon request from the property owner and recommendation from the Deputy Building Code Official, Building Plan Review Division (BPRD).

All revisions to Third-Party Plan Review projects must also be reviewed and approved by Third-Party Plan Reviewers. All Third-Party Plan Review projects must go through DPIE’s Third-Party Inspections Program (TPIP).

For more information, please refer to the following resources:


Peer Review Program

Please contact the Homeowners & Mega Projects Suite for information regarding the Peer Review Program and the Peer Reviewers List.


Walk-Through Requirements

Projects that meet the walk-through requirement:

  • Tenant fit-outs and minor interior renovations, refer to our Tenant Fit-Out Guide for more information.
  • Standard residential wood decks.
  • Exterior work such as fences, antennas, light poles, etc.
  • Interior work such as adding partitions and finish rooms, install fireplace, interior water proofing (French drain), etc.

Walk-Through Hours

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday:  8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Wednesday:  9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.


Status of Your Application

The status of your permit application can be tracked online via Permit Status Tracking. Most permit applications are currently reviewed within 4 weeks. If you have a question regarding the status of your application, please contact us.



Applicable Codes


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  2. What work is exempt from obtaining a permit?
  3. How long is the permit valid?
  4. What is the design snow load for Prince George’s County?
  5. What is the required frost depth?
  6. What are the minimum plan submission requirements for residential projects?
  7. I want to build a deck. What is the Application Process?
  8. I want to put up a shed. When is a permit required? And what is the Application Process?
  9. I want to finish my basement. What is the Application Process?
  10. Where can I get zoning information for my property?

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