Building Contractor License

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Prince George's County Building Contractor's License Requirements


A Prince George’s County Building Contractor’s License is required to build ANY new residential home from the ground up in Prince George’s County.

Application Requirements for a Building Contractor’s License

  • Letter from construction supplier with credit history
  • Letter from construction lender or bank with credit history
  • Homeowner Waiver — This is applicable if the homeowner is also the building contractor. Access the waiver in Momentum.
  • Current signed financial statement (no more than 1 year old)
  • Current original certificate of insurance for comprehensive business liability made out to Prince George’s County with complete address
  • Current proof of enrollment in an approved new home warranty security plan

*NOTE: Momentum includes a list of acceptable warranty companies and contact information from which the customer may choose.

Current proof of registration from the Office of the Maryland Attorney General regarding the Maryland Home Builder Registration Act — confirmation letter required (please call 1-877-259-4525 for more information). Also known as Maryland Home Builder Registration (MHBR).

The County Building Contractor License application must be reviewed and approved by the Board of Registration for Building Contractors.

Homeowner construction photo showing installation of a new window and wall insulation.

Homeowner Waiver — Prince George's County Requirement

DIVISION 14A. — BUILDING CONTRACTOR'S LICENSE. Sec. 2-253.16. — Applicability.

Requirement for any individual property owner that wants to act as the Contractor to build their own home in Prince George’s County.

Application Requirements for a Homeowner Waiver 

A copy of the recorded Deed, showing ownership of the property.  (Note:  The name of the property owner on the recorded Deed must be consistent with the name of the applicant on the Homeowner Waiver application.)

The following must be answered on the application:

  • I presently own the property where the house is to be constructed.
  • I agree not to sell or rent the house and property for at least five (5) years.
  • The house will be used by me or my immediate family.
  • I will do some of the work myself.
  • The percentage of work to be done by a subcontractor is ______%.
  • List the estimated cost of construction.
  • List the approximate square footage of home to be built.
  • List the source of funds.
  • I will be fully responsible for complying with all aspects of the County’s Building Code and inspection procedures.
  • The Homeowner Waiver application must be reviewed and approved by the Board of Registration for Building Contractors (Prince George’s County).

Link to the Building Contractor’s License Code.

Home Builder Guaranty Fund — State of Maryland Requirement

The State of Maryland has established a Home Builder Guaranty Fund that is overseen by the Consumer Protection Division. This fund allows consumers to seek compensation for losses resulting from an act or omission by a registered and licensed builder who constructs a new home for a consumer. Click the link to the Maryland's Home Builder Registration Unit ( to see if your builder is registered.

Prince George’s County Builders Contractor’s License Application

Log into the online licensing system, Momentum. After logging into the system, please follow the steps below to apply for or renew your building contractor’s license(s).

  1. Go to the top of the page and select Apply Here.
  2. Select Business and Rental Property Licensing, next select Business License.
  3. Under License Category, select Building Contractor – New.
  4. Select Save & Continue.
  5. Input ALL required information.
  6. Review your information for accuracy, then select Submit.
  7. Select your new license number (beginning with L) listed in blue.
  8. Pay all fees.
  9. View the list of required documents in the Request for document(s) section.
  10. Next go to the Attachments section to upload ALL required documents. 
  11. Lastly, return to Request for document(s) to select the box next to I am ready to submit and select Save.
  12. If you don’t have a Company Registration in Momentum, please upload your EIN confirmation letter from the IRS or a page from your most recent tax returns displaying your EIN #.
  13. After completing your payment and uploading all required documents, scroll down to the Request for document(s) section and select the box next to I am ready to submit, then select Save.
  14. Your application will move to Application Review. We’ll soon review your license(s).
  15. For questions regarding your Building Contractor application, please contact us via email at:

*Only upload the documents required under each license. Any additional attachments will be deleted.