Site/Road Applications, Forms, Checklists

Permits can be applied for online. For more information, go to Online Permit Services.

If applying for Site/Road Plan review, approval and permitting using paper applications, the following Application Forms are available on DPIE's website under Resources.


Site/Road Applications and Forms

  1. Application for Construction and Related Activities – For use in applying for Site Development permits (SDFG, SDRG, SCON, HAUL, OS/OW)
  2. Application for Residential Driveway Construction and Related Activities – For use in applying for a residential driveway permit.
  3. Site Development Stormwater Concept Plan Application – For use in applying for a Site Development Concept Plan.
  4. Permit Renewal – Application Extension Request Form – For use in requesting an extension to a building or Site/Road Permit.
  5. Street Grade Establishment Plan Application – For use in submitting a street grade establishment plan.
  6. Floodplain Information Request Form – For use in submitting floodplain information requests, floodplain delineations and floodplain studies/modeling.
  7. Declaration of Covenant – Commonly referred to as a maintenance agreement declaring responsibility for maintenance of storm drain and SWM systems.
  8. Right-of-Way Transmittal Form – For submittal of easements, rights-of-way and deed documents.

Note: Special Utility Permits can only be applied for online – paper submissions are not accepted.


Site/Road Checklists

During the site/road review process, each new submission must include a Submittal Checklist.

The Submittal Checklists identify what plans, reports, and other documents are required to submit each case type. New submissions are screened to ensure that the information required on the submittal checklist is included in the package.

Design Review Checklists are also required to be filled out by the Design Professional and included with each submission. The package may include one or more design review checklists, depending on the work included in the permit. The following checklists are available for your use:

  1. As-Built Checklist Bio-Type Device (PDF)
  2. As-Built Checklist Final SWM Pond (PDF)
  3. As-Built Checklist Infiltration Type Device (PDF)
  4. As-Built Checklist Non-Structural Measures (PDF)
  5. As-Built Checklist Storm Drain (PDF)
  6. As-Built Checklist SWM Dam Safety (PDF)
  7. Design Review Checklist 100-Year Floodplain (PDF)
  8. Design Review Checklist Bio-Type Device (PDF)
  9. Design Review Checklist Building Permit - Site Road Review (PDF)
  10. Design Review Checklist Concrete Structure (Bridge, Culvert) Construction Inspection Checklist
  11. Design Review Checklist Infiltration Type Device (PDF)
  12. Design Review Checklist Non-Structural Measures (PDF)
  13. Design Review Checklist Signing and Pavement Marking (PDF)
  14. Design Review Checklist Site Development Concept Plan (PDF)
  15. Design Review Checklist Site Fine Grading (PDF)
  16. Design Review Checklist Site Rough Grading (PDF)
  17. Design Review Checklist Special Utility Permit (PDF)
  18. Design Review Checklist Steel Girder Bridge (PDF)
  19. Design Review Checklist Storm Drain and Paving (PDF)
  20. Design Review Checklist Street Grade Establishment Plan (PDF)
  21. Design Review Checklist Street Tree and Lighting (PDF)
  22. Design Review Checklist SWM (Stormwater Management) Facility (PDF)
  23. Design Review Checklist Traffic Control (PDF)
  24. Design Review Checklist Traffic Signal (PDF)
  25. Submittal Checklist 100-Year Floodplain (PDF)
  26. Submittal Checklist Haul Road Permit (PDF)
  27. Submittal Checklist Residential Driveway Permit (PDF)
  28. Submittal Checklist Site Development Concept Plan (PDF)
  29. Submittal Checklist Site Development Fine Grading Permit (PDF)
  30. Submittal Checklist Site Development Rough Grading Permit (PDF)
  31. Submittal Checklist Special Permit for Overweight/Oversize Vehicle (PDF)
  32. Submittal Checklist Street Construction Permit (PDF)
  33. Submittal Checklist Street Grade Establishment Plan Application (PDF)