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DPIE shares joint responsibility with the Office of the Fire Marshal (Fire Prevention and Life Safety Office) in the Fire/EMS Department for fire code enforcement. The Division of responsibility is delegated by the Fire Chief to DPIE through a Memorandum of Understanding. DPIE is responsible for fire code enforcement associated with a permit for building or occupancy. Fire Prevention is responsible for existing buildings that have an associated use and occupancy permit.

DPIE Fire Inspections

Customers requesting fire inspections associated with permits can be grouped in the following categories. 

  • Use and Occupancy Permit — Prince George’s County uses the requirement for a use and occupancy permit to assure the existing building stock is maintained in a safe and code-compliant manner. Existing businesses that are not changing use will be evaluated under the codes applicable to existing buildings. Those buildings that have changed use will be evaluated under current building codes. Please use the County’s Automated Inspection Request/Information System (AIRIS) to request a final building inspection. The DPIE inspector will provide specific guidance on obtaining the required fire inspections. Areas that may be required are as follows:
  • Fire Protection System Certification — If the building owner cannot produce inspection records for the fire protection systems (fire sprinkler, fire alarm, hood suppression, smoke control, fire extinguishers, generators, etc.) that meet the County Code, a Fire Protection System Certification is required. This is not uncommon. A third party inspector participating in the Third Party Inspection Program (TPIP) or a National Institute of Engineering Technology Level III Technician is required to conduct a commissioning (full test/operation) inspection of the system and make a signed report in accordance with the applicable standard.
  • Fire Prevention Inspection — Certain uses will require a companion State-issued annual license to operate. These uses include child/day care, assisted/congregate facilities, schools, institutions, liquor establishments, and all assembly occupancies.

In these circumstances and before a use and occupancy permit may be issued, an inspection will need to be arranged with the Office of the Fire Marshal. The DPIE inspector will review with the client, at the time of inspection request, whether or not the fire prevention inspection has been completed. DPIE will not inspect until this inspection has been completed. The Fire Prevention and Life Safety Office may be contacted at 301-583-1830. Please contact the Fire/EMS Department directly to determine the fee and schedule the required inspection. 

The Office of the Fire Marshal is established within the Fire/EMS Department and is responsible for enforcing laws and ordinances in effect in Prince George's County covering the following:

  • Prevention of fires
  • Storage, use, and handling of explosive, flammable, toxic, corrosive, and other hazardous gaseous, solid, and liquid substances
  • Installation and maintenance of automatic, manual, and other private fire alarm systems and fire extinguishing equipment
  • Installation, maintenance, and regulation of fire escapes
  • Maintenance of fire protection and the elimination of fire hazards on land and in buildings, structures, and other property, including those under construction
  • Means and adequacy of each exit in the event of fire from factories, schools, hotels, lodging houses, asylums, hospitals, churches, halls, theaters, amphitheaters, and all other places in which people work, live, or congregate from time to time for any purpose
  • Fire safety aspects of Subtitle 11 and the State of Maryland Fire Prevention Code 

Please note that installation approval and inspection is under the purview of DPIE. There are no additional fees for DPIE fire inspections.


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