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Automatic Sprinkler System Verification

All plans that require hydraulic calculations must verify all water supplies. All new buildings and additions require that the water test be provided from Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC). Existing buildings or locations with a private water supply require a water test to be provided that is within one year of the date of plan submission which can be the following:

  • The full flow fire pump test when a fire pump is present
  • A test which has been witnessed by a fire protection engineer licensed in the State of Maryland or an approved third-party fire protection consultant
    • The test layout must be provided
      • Indicate the locations of the flow hydrants, test hydrants, and/or hose connections used
    • The flow for the testing must be greater than the total demand for the automatic sprinkler system
      • Including automatic sprinkler system demand and all inside and outside hose demands