I Received an Administrative Citation

What Do I Do?

You may:

  • PAY FINE ⇨ $300.00, OR


Payment Instructions & Hearing Request Procedures

The respondent will be held in default if:

  • Payment of the fine is not within thirty (30) days of issuance of this citation, and the violation has not been corrected, OR
  • A hearing is not requested pursuant to the instructions noted below, OR
  • Having requested a hearing, fails to appear on the Date of Appearance. Default fines may triple the fine amount.

The default will be considered an admission of liability, and the Respondent will be subject to the maximum penalties by law, including but not limited to a $1,000 civil fine.


Notice to Respondent

Please note that the payment of the fine does not relieve the Respondent of the obligation to abate/correct ongoing violations.

The issuance of this Citation does not preclude pursuit of any other remedy or enforcement action authorized by law.


Instructions for Payment of Fines

  • Payment must be received on or before the Due Date indicated on the face of this Citation.
  • Acceptable methods of payment include: Online payment at Momentum (for all citations that have letters), ePayments; cash, certified checks, cashier’s checks, personal checks, or money orders payable to “Prince George’s County.” Clearly print each citation number on your check or money order.
  • Payment can be mailed to the Cashier’s Office noted below.  Always include the original citation with payment.

Instructions to Request a Hearing by Mail 

  • Write: "I REQUEST A HEARING" and sign and date

    _______________________________         ____________
    Signature                                                                  Date
  • Send your original citation by first class mail to:
    Administrative Hearing Unit
    9400 Peppercorn Place, Suite 500
    Largo, MD 20774


  • To request a hearing via email, send an email to AHU@co.pg.md.us, and include your name and citation number.


To Pay Online: Customers are encouraged to pay directly through our electronic processes. If your citation includes letters, you need to make your payment in Momentum. If you have an older citation without letters, you need to make your payment in ePayments.

To Mail Payment, Send to:
Administrative Hearing Unit
9400 Peppercorn Place, Suite 600
Largo, MD  20774