Mechanical Section

The Section is responsible for mechanical review within DPIE’s Building Plan Review Division to ensure the public safety through the effective enforcement of International Mechanical Code, International Energy Conservation and Prince George’s County Codes. These include commercial and industrial plans. This is accomplished through mechanical engineering plan review and inspection related to the administration and enforcement of building mechanical and energy conservation codes and standards. The purpose of enforcing these codes is to provide safe and comfortable environments in which occupants may live, work, or perform recreational activities.


Commercial Walk-Through

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Wednesday, 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.


Permit Application Types

  • CIW Permit — (Commercial Interior/Remodel Walk-through) requires mechanical drawings for mechanical work to be performed.
  • CEW Permit — (Commercial Exterior/Parking Lot Lighting Walk-through) requires mechanical drawings for mechanical work to be performed.
  • CUW Permit — (Commercial Interior with Use and Occupancy Walk-through) requires existing mechanical drawings for a change in use type and/or occupancy load. Otherwise, provide drawings for mechanical work to be performed only.
  • CGU Permit — (Commercial Grading with Use — New Construction/Major Renovation with Grading) requires complete sets of mechanical plans.

Mechanical Plan Review Requirement

Pursuant to 2018 IBC 105.3 (7) and 2018 IMC 106.3, the following checklist is required to be submitted as a document upload to the ProjectDox Mechanical Document Folder: 


Resources & References

Applicable Codes




Mechanical Trade Permit Applications Are Completed Online
The online application process has been implemented for HVACR/Mechanical Trade permits. Payment of permit fees is also processed online.

To be able to apply and have permits processed online, all HVACR Masters must first provide proof of a valid and current Maryland State issued license in DPIE’s Licensing Center, which will be verified by staff. Masters will then complete the Electronic Signature Acknowledgement Form. Upon completion of these two steps, Masters will be given permission to use the online system.

Please contact the Licensing Center at 301-883-3840 for additional information.

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