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Methods for Submitting MPIA Requests

Data Transparency

Before submitting your request, did you know that you can search for your information at no cost and at your convenience?

Prince George's County, in an effort to promote data transparency, provides Data Prince George's, a website of information available to the public that includes data on: communities, County Government, finance, public safety, urban planning, education, health and the environment.

For those seeking information on residential and commercial permits, housing inspection violations and County foreclosures, you may click on the "Urban Planning" link and view this information for free.

Standard Form and Fees

  • DPIE maintains certain records that are characterized as public records which may be made available to the public in accordance with the guidelines of the Maryland Public Information Act, Annotated Code of Maryland, General Provisions Article (“GP”), §4-201 et seq.
  • Requests should be submitted on the DPIE MPIA form and emailed to
  • Your request should sufficiently identify the record(s) that you are seeking, including a clearly identified subject matter and specific date or range of dates of the document(s) requested. There are occasions when fees may be charged to produce documents requested under the Maryland Public Information Act.
  • Upon receipt of your MPIA request form, DPIE has up to 30 working days to respond, unless we notify you in writing or by e-mail within that time period that additional time is required for us to respond. Under the MPIA statute, DPIE can charge for search time exceeding two hours (the first two hours are free). After the first 2 hours, the cost is $62/hour. In addition, DPIE has the right to charge a copying fee of $0.25 per page (sheet size 8 ½" x 11" to 8 ½" x14") for a black and white paper copy only. See below Fee Chart. 

MPIA Duplication Fee Chart

There is a fee for all duplications. The applicant will be notified in advance of the cost before copies are made.
Documents to Be Duplicated Cost
Sheets Sized 8½" x 11" to 8½" x 14" .27 Each
Sheets Sized 11" x 17" or Larger $5.50 Each
Use and Occupancy Certificates $5.50 Each
Duplication of Permits $5.50 Each
Inspection History $5.50 Each
Census Reports $5.50 Each
Re-Stamps (Duplicates of Lost Approved Plans) $44.00 Each + $5.50 per Page
Certified Copies $5.50 Each

Electronic Search via Internet

DPIE is committed to proactively opening up government data to increase transparency, citizen engagement and innovation. Our goal is to provide access to useful information on Permits, Education, Community (TNI), Environment, GIS and many other relevant categories. We will be adding more data over the next few months.