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The Business Development Section (BDS) was established to support the growth of businesses in Prince George’s County by providing guidance and assistance to entrepreneurs and established business owners in navigating the permitting and licensing processes. Since that time, the BDS has helped numerous businesses open their doors. The section coordinates with agency personnel to facilitate the completion of paperwork and document review. The team educates entrepreneurs about DPIE requirements and procedures and liaises between entrepreneurs, DPIE divisions and other government agencies.

The BDS has provided a valuable service by developing relationships with community stakeholders and lawmakers, as well. The team provides much-needed information about permitting and licensing through seminars on the DPIE YouTube channel and the monthly DPIE Biz newsletter. The BDS serves as a conduit between DPIE and resources outside the agency, such as the Economic Development Corporation (EDC), the Redevelopment Authority and the Small Business Development Center.

The BDS has demystified DPIE’s requirements and given business owners a team to support them through the process. Whether you need assistance opening a hair salon or pulling permits to expand a restaurant, the BDS stands ready to assist you. If you would like to schedule a meeting with us, complete the Municipality Meeting Request form to discuss the permit, license, and inspection requirements of your business in Prince George's County.

DPIE is encouraging small business owners and entrepreneurs to participate in our DPIE Connect program. DPIE Connect brings agency experts together with entrepreneurs aspiring to open businesses in one-hour Mini Preliminary Design Review meetings (PDRM). Click here to learn more about DPIE Connect.

Recommended Resources for Business Owners

DPIE Resources

DPIE provides an abundance of information to assist business owners through the permitting and licensing processes. The following links will direct you to the web pages related to these procedures.

Additional Resources

Several agencies and organizations with a variety of resources are available to help businesses start and expand in the County. Click on the following links to find out more about the resources offered.

Forms and Checklists for Businesses

DPIE has created several forms and checklists to assist businesses with the permitting, licensing and inspections processes.

  • Municipality Meeting Request Form — A form to set up a meeting with BDS to discuss the needs of a business regarding permits, licenses or inspections in Prince George's County.
  • Permitting Forms — A detailed list of permit forms
  • Building Plan Review Forms — Forms for building/structure plan, electrical/mechanical plan and fire/life safety plan reviews; environmental reviews; and water/sewer connections.
  • Health Forms — Forms for permits for food facilities and food service managers, County business licenses, new pool operations, etc.
  • Inspection Forms — Forms for site/road, residential building, commercial building and fire/life safety inspections.
  • Licensing Forms — Forms for various permits and licenses related to business activities per County Code.
  • Site/Road Plan Review Forms and Checklists — Forms related to the Site/Road Plan Review Division, which conducts site plan reviews, traffic engineering and utility/technical support.

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DPIE Contacts

BDS Officers:

  • Charles Cooper — 301-636-2058
  • Nicole Reece — 301-636-2035


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