Percolation Tests

Percolation (PERC) testing is required for any property that is not going to be served by public sewer and before any on-site sewage disposal system can be installed. If you plan to build on undeveloped property in Prince George's County and your property is unable to be served by public sewer, you must apply to the Prince George's County Health Department to conduct PERC testing.


All Prince George’s County Health Licenses and Permits are processed in Momentum. For information and instructions on the Momentum process, please review the Momentum page or go directly to the Momentum portal to start your business license application.

For a percolation test to be conducted, an application must be submitted and the associated lot fee (see the DPIE Fee Schedule), plus a 5% technology fee, must be paid.

No tests will be conducted until the application has been submitted and processed. Percolation testing applications that were previously received by the Health Department will be acceptable for this wet season. Reapplication is not needed unless additional lots are being tested that were not indicated in the previous applications.