Site/Road Cost Estimates, Fees and Bonds


Most DPIE site/road submittals require a filing fee at the time of submission and payment of the remainder of the permit fee prior to permit issuance. Most fees are based on a construction cost estimate. All fees are listed on the DPIE Fee Schedule.

Cost Estimates

Most submissions include a construction cost estimate that includes the cost for all roadway work inside the public road right of way (r/w). The cost estimates also include roadway and paving work outside the public r/w for townhouse projects. The cost estimates include all public and private storm drain and stormwater management outside the public r/w. The cost estimates must be based on County approved unit prices, listed in the DPW&T's "Specifications and Standards for Roadways and Bridges" Appendix.

Bond and Fee Worksheet

The "Bond and Fee Calculation Worksheet" is a useful tool for the engineer to determine bonds and fees for site road permits.


Most site/road permits require bonding for work proposed in the public road r/w and public work outside the r/w. These bonds must be posted prior to permit issuance and are held through the duration of the construction period until permit closure. In limited instances, the bonds may be reduced during the construction phase. For more information on bond reduction, refer to the County Code Subtitle 23. 

Bond Form Instructions

General Instructions

  1. Do not use white out when making corrections to the bond form. Instead, “XXXX” out and have appropriate person initial the corrections.
  2. All bond forms must be originals (i.e., must remain in legal size format – 8½" x 14", must have original signatures, and no alterations to the document are permitted) and submitted in triplicate.
  3. Upon completion of the bond form, bonds should be returned to the department issuing the permit and not the Office of Law.
  4. Inquiries regarding whether a bond has been approved or rejected should be directed to the agency it was submitted to and not the Office of Law.

View the Bond Instruction Form.


Documents for Utilities


Filling out the Bond Form

Please read the following instructions carefully as YOU, the permittee, are ultimately responsible for your bond being accepted as legally sufficient.

  1. Date in upper right-hand corner of bond should be filled in. This is the bond date.
  2. Application/Permit Number should be listed.
  3. Name of subdivision or street address must be filled in for the Department of Permitting, Inspections and Enforcement (DPIE) bonds. If the bond is for the Department of the Environmental (DoE), provide subdivision’s name, the street address and, if known, city, state and zip code.
  4. In the blank that follows “Permittee,” permittee’s name and address must be filled in. 
    **Remember to also indicate permittee’s type of entity (e.g., owner, partnership/corporation).
    a) If the permittee is an individual trading as a corporation, please indicate using the following form: John Doe t/a Mechanical, Inc.
    b) If the permittee is a corporation or L.L.C., provide a copy of the corporation’s Certificate of Good Standing to do business in Maryland. A copy of this certificate can be obtained from the State Department of Assessments and Taxation (SDAT) located at 301 West Preston Street, Baltimore, MD 21201. [The telephone number is (410) 225-1340.] The certificate cannot be more than six (6) months older than the bond date.
  5. Dollar amount of bond must be written out and numerically listed. These two figures must agree.
  6. Type of security must be checked off and filled out.
  7. The permittee name must be the same as the name on the application and/or on the permittee signature line.
  8. All signatures must be originals. Permittee’s authorized agent must legibly provide his/her title next to or underneath his/her signature.

Letter of Credit

  • Fill in Letter of Credit number.
  • Fill in name of financial institution.
  • Letter of Credit date must be the same as the bond date.
  • A least one original and two copies of the Letter of Credit must be submitted.
  • Bond Number must be included in the Letter of Credit.
  • Permit Number must be included in the Letter of Credit.
  • Permittee’s address must be the same on the Bond application form and the Letter of Credit.

(Letter of Credit must be issued by a financial institution approved by the Prince George’s County Office of Law and Office of Finance. Financial institutions will prepare Letters of Credit on bank letterhead in accordance with format and requirements previously approved by the Prince George’s County Office of Law. All approved financial institutions possess copies of the appropriate format.)

Assignment of Account/Funds

  • Fill in Assignment of Account/Funds number.
  • Fill in name of financial institution.
  • Assignment of Account/Funds form must be dated the same date as or prior to the bond date.
  • At least one original and two copies of the Assignment of Account/Funds forms must be submitted.

(See attached instructions for completion of Assignment of Account/Funds form. These forms are available upon request from the appropriate permit office.) 


  • Indicate surety bond number.
  • Indicate surety (insurance) company in the space provided in the last paragraph on the bond form.
  • Authorized attorney-in-fact must sign in space provided on the bond form and print his/her name underneath the signature. (The authorized attorney-in-fact is any of the named persons on the Power of Attorney certificate provided by your bonding company.)
  • Witness must sign as to attorney-in-fact’s signature.
  • Agency’s name, address and certifications/license number of agent must also be furnished.
  • If required by Maryland law, the Maryland resident agent must sign in the space provided for counter-signature.
  • Surety (insurance) company must furnish at least one (1) original power of attorney certificate for each bond (i.e., Performance Bond and Labor & Materialman’s Bond) and two (2) copies.
  • Power of Attorney certificate must be dated the same as the bond date.
  • Surety number must be included on the Power of Attorney certificate.
  • Surety (insurance) company must include a copy of surety’s certificate of authority to do business in Maryland with each bond document. This certificate must be current and is good for one (1) year.


  • Prepare the same as other bonds using instructions, Part II – 1-5 and 7-10. Items (a), (b), and (c) are not related to cash bonds. Check or money order is to be made out to Prince George’s County, Maryland for the amount of the bond.
  1. In the space provided, indicate permittee; also, affix signature and print the name of the signatory, their title, and the date signed (this date must be the same as or after the bond date). If the Permittee is a business entity, the type of entity must be clearly indicated on the form (i.e., partnership, corporation).
    (a) If permittee is a corporation, then President, Vice-President or Senior Executive officer must sign. The corporation must provide documentation (such as a board resolution) stating the designated officer signing the bond forms has actual authority to bind the corporation if not a President, Vice-President or Senior Executive officer.
    (b) If permittee is a partnership, then the general or managing partner must sign.
    (c) If the general/managing partner is a corporation, please indicate this fact and have the President or Vice-President sign on behalf of the corporation. (In this case, for example, the title would read, “President of the General Partner X Corporation.”)
    (d) If permittee is the owner, then the owner himself signs the bond; his title is “owner.”
    (e) If permittee is a limited liability company (“L.L.C.”), then provide documentation to indicate that the signatory has the ability to bind the limited liability company, such as the articles of organization, Resolutions of the Members, and the operating agreement and any amendments, if any.
    (f) Plus provide an original statement signed by all of the members of the L.L.C. stating that “the articles of organization and the operating agreement were entered into on blank date. That there have been no amendments — if true, if not — then state all of the amendments and the dates the amendments were passed — and that the articles of organization and that the operating agreement remain in full force and effect.” This statement must be dated the bond date or after, but not before the bond date.
    (g) If the Limited Liability Company submitting the bond is a subsidiary of multiple-level entities that are LLCs, applicant must provide an organization chart that discloses the ownership structure for at least three levels, if applicable, and proof that each separate entity is duly incorporated and in good standing, and proof that the declared authorized agent for each entity is vested with actual authority by all of the members of that particular entity to act on behalf of the respective LLC. If the authorizing agent of the LLC is a corporation, applicant must provide documentation that the officer has actual authority to act on behalf of the parent corporation.
    (h) If permittee is a close corporation, supply a copy of the statement of election which is in either the articles of incorporation or an amendment to the corporation’s charter. The statement of election must identify the individual with actual authority to bind the corporation. The permittee’s Certificate of Good Standing must also expressly reference a designation of close corporation.
  2. The witness shall sign as to the permittee’s signature. This Witness cannot be the same person who signs the acknowledgement.
  3. Acknowledgement must be completed by a Notary Public indicating:
    (a) State and County where notary is commissioned.
    (b) Day, month, and year (this date must be same or later date than permittee’s signature).
    (c) Permittee’s name and title.
    (d) Notary’s signature, seal, and date of commission’s expiration.
    (e) If the permittee has more than one officer, another officer other than the officer signing the bond must attest to officer’s signature.
    (f) If the permittee has only one officer, permittee must submit a notarized statement declaring that the officer is the sole officer of the corporation or LLC.
  4. Submit bond for the appropriate Department Director’s signature at that department.

Instructions for Completion of Assignment of Account/Funds

  1. Fill in appropriate date.
  2. Fill in permit number.
  3. Fill in appropriate account number.
  4. Fill in appropriate bond amount.
  5. President or Vice-President of financial institution must sign form and indicate title.
  6. Fill in bank name and address.
  7. Permittee must sign form and indicate title.
  8. Witness(es) must sign as to both signatures. The witness(es) cannot be the same person(s) who signs the acknowledgement.
  9. Acknowledgement date must be same as assignment of account date.
  10. Acknowledgement as to each individual’s signature must be completed by notary public.
  11. The contractor on this form means the permittee.

Assignment of Account/Funds Forms Are Available at the Permit Center upon Request.