Walk-Through Permit Process

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DPIE is now offering limited walk-through service through our Virtual Permit Cafe, located in the Permit Center. The Virtual Permit Cafe allows homeowners to have their homeowner permit application processed, reviewed and issued in a virtual, contact-free environment. When necessary, customers have the ability to speak with plan reviewers through video and audio services. At the end of the process, homeowners are issued their permits — within the same day, in most cases.

Homeowners are no longer required to make an appointment for Walk-Through Permits. Customers will be assisted at the Virtual Permit Cafe (VPC) on a first-come, first-served basis Mondays–Fridays, from 8:30 a.m.–2:30 p.m.  For additional information and to access the new link, view the NEW Virtual Permit Process for Homeowners page.

Virtual Walk-Through Permit Process

Please print and save these "Virtual Walk-Through Permit Process Instructions."

Here is how the process works:

  • Access the DPIE permitting platform to start your application.
  • Select the "Virtual Permit Cafe" option as your type of review.
  • In order for your application to be processed, you will need to check into the Virtual Permit Cafe via the following link:
  • You will be required to upload your plans.
  • During the virtual session, you will receive email and text messages with updates of the plan review process.
  • IMPORTANT:  You need to monitor these notifications as you may be required to join a video/audio session with plan reviewers.
  • At the end of the review, you will receive a notification to pay for your permit, and a permit will be emailed to you.

REMEMBER:  DPIE is currently offering virtual review for HOMEOWNER PERMITS ONLY.  We plan to expand the walk-through process in the future.

Virtual Permit Cafe Manual

For detailed step-by-step instructions with visuals, view the "Virtual Permit Cafe Manual."  The manual contains images and helpful hints to guide you through the virtual Walk-Through Permit process.

Hours of Operation

Mondays–Fridays, from 8:30 a.m.–2:30 p.m.

List of the Eligible Permit Types

The Virtual Walk-Through Permit Process* is available for Residential Homeowner case types only. (This does NOT include Use & Occupancy case types.)

Virtual Permit Cafe walk-through customers can include more than one scope of work in their permit application as indicated in the chart below.

ItemCombining VPC Scope of WorkCombine with Items
A.Above Ground & Underground TankMax 3 additional items
B.Above Ground Swimming PoolMax 3 additional items
Accessory Structures (Gazebo, Garage, Pergola, Shed, Carport Only) — No more than 500 sq. ft. and 15 ft. high; alteration and repair of existing accessory structure; no change in use.
  • If new garage, no other items.
  • If new carport, max 2 items, except “Addition”
  • Rest, additional items ok.
Addition to Single Family Dwelling — No more than 500 sq. ft. and no more than one story high at ground level; no party walls
No other items allowed with this scope.
E.Areaway — New/Replacement
Max 3 additional items
F.Awning — 24" deep
Max 3 additional items
G.Basement Finishing
Max 3 additional items
H.Damage Report —  No drawings (only)Max 3 additional items
I.Deck, One Level — No more than 500 sq. ft.
Max 3 additional items
J.Drywall — New/ReplacementMax 3 additional items
K.Fence — New/ReplacementMax 3 additional items
L.Fire PitMax 3 additional items
M.Fireplace InsertsMax 3 additional items
N.Interior Non-Load-Bearing Wall DemolitionMax 3 additional items
O.Interior Remodeling/Alteration and Repair — One level; no load-bearing structural workMax 1 additional items
P.PatioMax 3 additional items
Q.Pergola/TrellisMax 3 additional items
R.Porch and Steps — New/Repair; no more than 500 sq. ft.Max 1 additional items
S.PorticoMax 3 additional items
T.Ramp — New/ReplacementMax 3 additional items
U.Retaining Wall — New/Replacement; maximum height of 4.5 ft. measured from top of footingMax 3 additional items
V.Roof Sheathing Replacement — No permit required for replacing SHINGLES ONLYMax 3 additional items
W.Shed — Over 150 sq. ft. or more than one shed on a property requires a permit.Max 3 additional items
X.Walkway/Stoop — New/ReplacementMax 3 additional items
Y.Waterproofing — Exterior/InteriorMax 3 additional items
Z.Window/Door Replacement/Repair — No permit required if in-kind (same size)Max 3 additional items
AA.Window Well — New/ReplacementMax 3 additional items

  *Applicants must complete the walk-through process and receive issuance of one application in order to check-in with a new application number.

 **Above scope is only for VPC homeowners, MHIC contractors and homeowner representatives to apply for existing residential (one- and two-family dwellings and townhouses not more than 3 stories) projects.

***DPIE staff reserves the right to change an application from a virtual walk-through review to file for regular ePlan review.  

Please Note:  Properties serviced by a private well and/or septic system CANNOT use the virtual permit process.