Site/Road Permits

The Department of Permitting, Inspections and Enforcement (DPIE) is offering customers online tools to increase the speed, accuracy and convenience of the site/road permitting process.

Site/Road Permit Application Form Completed Online

Site/Road Permit applications must be completed online. Please go to Online Permit Applications and enter the information directly into the County’s Online Permit System. Online submissions are applicable to the following case types:
Site Road construction, dirt foundation for road, construction equipment, gravel
Work Description Site/Road Case Types
• Site Development Concept Plan* SWM or PSWM for peer review
• Street Grade Establishment Plan* SGE or PSGE for peer review
• Site Development Rough Grading Permit* SDRG or PSDRG for peer review
• Site Development Fine Grading Permit* SDFG or PSDFG for peer review
• Street Construction Permit* SCP or PSCP for peer review
• Residential Driveway Permit DW
• Haul Road/Timber Harvesting Permit HAUL
• Oversized Overweight Vehicle Permit OSOW
• Special Permit SPEC
• Special Drain Permit SDRN
100-Year Floodplain Study* FLOOD or PFLOOD for peer review
Special Utility Permit* SU
Small Wireless Antennas and Facilities in the Right-of-Way* DPIE Cell Tower ROWay
*Asterisks indicate mandatory ePlan use.  

Process Overview

Once the application is completed online, the customer’s information is entered directly into the County’s permitting system. After the permit case has been processed, customers can upload site/road plans for review via our ePlan online application. This eliminates the need for customers to bring paper plans to our offices for many types of permits.

Use of ePlan is mandatory for the case types listed above with asterisks (*).  Site/Road Permit applications and plans are not accepted at DPIE through the mail.  Site/Road Applications and Plans may be submitted in person at 9400 Peppercorn Place, 1st Floor, Largo, MD 20774 and/or through our electronic plan (ePlan) review process.  For questions pertaining to the ePlan review and submission process, please e-mail us at or call 301-636-2060.  For instructions on using our ePlan system, please view the User Guides at the bottom of this page.

Revisions to previously issued permits may also be processed using ePlan. Please review Techno-gram 002-2020 for further guidance on processing permit revisions.

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Please use the 2.0 Guide for all new applications.