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Site/Road Plan Review Forms & Checklists

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The County issues Techno-grams and Bulletins to update and/or clarify design requirements.

Announcement Bulletins

DPIE posts updates to notify customers of changes and modifications to processes associated with the permit and plan review process.



  •  Bulletin 2022-02 (PDF) — Important information clarifying the definition of "Raze" as it pertains to a structure and definition of "Interior Demolition" and "Partial Demolition."

Water and Sewer

  • Bulletin 2022-01 (PDF) — This bulletin announces the Revised Scheduling of the September 2022 Legislative Cycle of Amendments to the 2018 Water and Sewer Plan.


Water and Sewer

  • Bulletin 2020-01, Revised 5-2020 (PDF) — This bulletin announces the Revised Schedule for Cycles of Amendments to the 2018 Water and Sewer Plan Bulletin for consistency with the County’s Legislative Year. The new Legislative Cycle months for water and sewer category changes are March, June, September and December.
  • Bulletin 2020-01 (PDF) — This bulletin announces the Revised Scheduling of Legislative Cycle of Amendments to the 2018 Water and Sewer Plan Bulletin.


Water and Sewer

Permits, Forms, & Checklists

  1. Application for Construction and Related Activities
  2. Application for Residential Driveway Construction and Related Activities
  3. Application for Water and Sewer Plan Amendment
  4. Approved Asphalt Plants List
  5. Approved Paving Contractors List
  6. As-Built Checklist Bio-Type Device
  7. As-Built Checklist Final SWM Pond
  8. As-Built Checklist Infiltration Type Device
  9. As-Built Checklist Non-Structural Measures
  10. As-Built Checklist Storm Drain
  11. As-Built Checklist SWM Dam Safety
  12. Bond and Fee Calculation Worksheet
  13. CB-15 Affidavit for Informational Mailing and Public Notice
  14. Declaration of Covenants
  15. Declaration of Easement for Retaining Wall(s) - SAMPLE
  16. Design Review Checklist 100-Year Floodplain
  17. Design Review Checklist Bio-Type Device
  18. Design Review Checklist Building Permit - Site Road Review
  19. Design Review Checklist Concrete Structure (Bridge, Culvert) Construction Inspection
  20. Design Review Checklist Infiltration Type Device
  21. Design Review Checklist Non-Structural Measures
  22. Design Review Checklist Signing and Pavement Marking
  23. Design Review Checklist Site Development Concept Plan
  24. Design Review Checklist Site Fine Grading
  25. Design Review Checklist Site Rough Grading
  26. Design Review Checklist Small Wireless Facility
  27. Design Review Checklist Special Utility Permit
  28. Design Review Checklist Steel Girder Bridge
  29. Design Review Checklist Storm Drain and Paving
  30. Design Review Checklist Street Grade Establishment Plan
  31. Design Review Checklist Street Tree and Lighting
  32. Design Review Checklist SWM (Stormwater Management) Facility
  33. Design Review Checklist Traffic Control
  34. Design Review Checklist Traffic Signal
  35. Determination of Expiration of Stormwater Management Grandfathering or Administrative Waiver
  36. DPIE Submittal Instructions Plan Stamping Sample
  37. Fee Schedule — 2018 Water and Sewer Plan Amended
  38. Final Plat Approval Application
  39. Floodplain Easement Boilerplate
  40. Floodplain Information and Requirements
  41. Floodplain Information Request Form
  42. Letter of Responsibility — Not Notarized
  43. Letter of Responsibility — Notarized
  44. Permit Renewal Extension Request
  45. Property Owner Authorization Letter — Site Road Permit
  46. Residential Fence and Gate Owner Certification
  47. Rights-of-Way Survey Transmittal Form
  48. Site Development Stormwater Concept Plan Application
  49. Site Plan Information Certification Form
  50. Site/Road Approval Stamps
  51. Site Road Glossary of Terms
  52. Small Wireless Facility in Right-of-Way Supplemental Form
  53. Street Grade Establishment Plan Application
  54. Submittal Checklist 100-Year Floodplain
  55. Submittal Checklist Haul Road Permit
  56. Submittal Checklist Residential Driveway Permit
  57. Submittal Checklist Site Development Concept Stormwater Plan
  58. Submittal Checklist Site Development Fine Grading Permit
  59. Submittal Checklist Site Development Rough Grading Permit
  60. Submittal Checklist Special Permit for Overweight/Oversize Vehicle
  61. Submittal Checklist Street Construction Permit
  62. Submittal Checklist Street Grade Establishment Plan Application
  63. Submittal Form — Instructions for Applying Stamps
  64. Surface Drain Easement Boilerplate
  65. Utility Company Contacts for Residents
  66. Waiver Application for an Interim Individual Well or Septic System
  67. Waiver Application for Connection(s) to Public Water and Sewer
  68. Storm Drain Easement Boilerplate
  69. Stormwater Management Easement Boilerplate


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PowerPoint Presentations

  • Site/Road Plan Review Division PowerPoints

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