PowerPoint Presentations

Business Development Section PowerPoints

These presentations provide guidance on the permitting and licensing process, including inspections.

Introduction to the Business Development Section, photo of collage of businesses
Obtaining a Special Event Permit, photo of amusement rides
Building and Use and Occupancy Permits, photo of the word Permits on a clipboard

Introduction to the Business Development Section (BDS) and DPIE Overview — Highlights the BDS role in providing guidance and assistance through the permitting and licensing process.

Obtaining a Special Event Permit — This presentation provides information on how to obtain a Special Event Permit.

Building and Use & Occupancy (U&O) Permits — This presentation explains the process and requirements needed to obtain a Building Permit and a Use & Occupancy Permit.

All About Inspections, photo of Inspection sheet on clipboard
Licenses, photo of the word Licenses written on a whiteboard
Peer Review Program, photo of architectural plans

All About Inspections — This presentation explains the process and requirements needed prior to and during inspections.

Business Licenses — This presentation provides information on both business and rental licenses.

Peer Review Program — This presentation provides information on using Peer Reviewers for various types of building projects.

Tenant Fit-Out, photo of construction workers building framework
Food Trucks in Prince Georges County, customers in line at a food truck
Permitting and Liquor Licensing, photo of outdoor bar seating

Tenant Fit-Out — This presentation provides information on when a Tenant Fit-Out is required.

Food Trucks in Prince George's County — This presentation provides information on food truck requirements.

Permitting and Liquor Licensing — This presentation provides information on permitting and liquor licensing requirements.

Site/Road Plan Review Division PowerPoints