Health Licensing

Environmental Health Change in Permit/License Process

Please be advised, effective June 20, 2020, all plans are required to be submitted electronically.  Refer to the ePlan Applicant User Guide for instructions on how to submit plans.  If you need assistance call:

  • Environmental Engineering/Policy Program - 301-883-7681
  • Food Protection/Policy Program - 301-883-7692
  • DPIE Health Review - 301-883-7621

COVID-19 UPDATE:  Building Reopening Guidance from the Health Department 

For guidance related to preparing and permitting facilities for reopening, please visit


Farmers’ Market Procedures During COVID-19 Emergency

Modifications have been made to the Farmers’ Market Temporary Use Code Operations. For more information, view the Food Service Facility (FSF) Permits page and read the "COVID-19 Farmers’ Market Operations" list of vendor requirements.

Farmers’ Market Coordinator

To apply for a Farmers’ Market Permit, use DPIE’s online portal and select the Building Permit application.

Use the menu for Building Permit and select "ePlan Requested by the Applicant" option BEFORE the online application is submitted. Include the following information for the Farmer’s Market: beginning and ending dates of operation, hours of operation (from set up to end), number and sizes of all structures, tents/stages/generators, etc., that will be used at the Farmer’s Market in the WORK DESCRIPTION section of the application.

The following documents are required to be uploaded electronically (via ePlan):

  • Site plan showing the location of all structures that will be on the property that day.
  • A letter of authorization (not a contract) from the property owner.
  • If tents are used, the manufacturer’s flame retardation specifications/certification. Please indicate on the application the number and dimensions of tents that will be used for the event.
  • If generators are used, a master electrician has to obtain the electrical permit. Please indicate on the application the number of generators that will be used at the Farmer’s Market.
  • If there are structures i.e., tents/stages/platforms, structural drawings are required. Please indicate on the application the number of structures and dimensions that will be used at the Farmer’s Market.

To submit payment, use the link to Permit ePayments.

To schedule inspections, use the link to Third Party Inspections. To determine the requirements for your market, contact the Fire Marshall’s Office, Health Department Inspections and DPIE Inspections. Contact information is provided in the table on the Food Service Facility (FSF) Permits page.

Farmers’ Market Vendor

The Health Licensing’s Food Service Facility (FSF) Permits page has a link to the Farmer’s Market Vendor Permit.

After the Application is completed, please mail it along with a check or money order to the address at the top of the application or place it in the Licensing drop box located in the front of the DPIE building located at 9400 Peppercorn Place, Largo, MD 20774.



In accordance with the March 12, 2020 “Order of the Governor of the State of Maryland Extending Certain Licenses, Permits, Registrations, and Other Governmental Authorizations, and Authorizing Suspension of Legal Time Requirements,” the expiration date of certain licenses, permits, registrations, or other authorizations issued by the Department of Permitting, Inspections and Enforcement (DPIE) is hereby extended to the 30th day after the Governor’s termination of the current state of emergency and catastrophic health emergency. This automatic extension applies to any license, permit, registration, or other authorization that would otherwise expire during the state of emergency and that would otherwise be renewable under applicable laws and regulations. The automatic extension also includes permit applications that would expire during the state of emergency.

Under the Order, the new expiration date of any affected license, permit, registration, or authorization will be dependent on action taken by the Governor and cannot be precisely determined at this time. However, once the Governor has terminated the state of emergency and rescinded the catastrophic health emergency, DPIE will post the new expiration date on this website.

In the meantime, all parties are encouraged to use DPIE’s online services to renew licenses, permits, registrations, and other authorizations during this period of modified operations. For questions, please contact 301-636-2050 or e-mail the following:


View a complete listing of health applications on the Health Forms page.
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  • Temporary Food Facility

Please note: We also offer Online Applications, some of which are mandatory* to complete online.
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