Residential Building

What Residential Permits Are You Looking For?

Residential Addition, icon of house with addition being built on back of structure
Alteration, icon of worker finishing a basement
Assisted Living for 5 or Fewer Occupants, pic of nurse assisting an elderly woman walk
Assisted Living for 6 or More Occupants, pic of elderly and disabled being assisted
Carport, pic of slanted roof on supports covering a car
Deck, pic of deck around second story of house
Driveway, icon of asphalt driveway leading to house
Family Day Care for 8 or Fewer Children, icon of 3 kids playing outside, caregiver feeds baby inside
Family Day Care for 9 or More Children, icon of 9 kids playing outside, caregiver feeds baby inside
Residential Fence, icon of picket fence with supports facing inside the yard
Garage, icon of open garage door with car inside
Gazebo, icon of gazebo building
Patio, icon of patio with 2 chairs around outdoor table with umbrella
Residential Plumbing, icon of worker installing plumbing under sink
Privacy Wall, icon of privacy wall with tall supports, wooden slates and criss-cross top
Retaining Wall, icon of retaining wall with heavy horizontal slats braced with vertical posts
Shed, icon of 2-door shed with lawnmower in front and rake leaning against building
Single Family Dwelling, icon of half-built home
Stoop-and-Porch, icon of 3-step porch with overhang roofing
Swimming Pools, icon of swimming pool ladder and water
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Other Permits

Raze. icon of wrecking ball demolishing building
Virtual Permit Center Cafe Homeowner Walk-Thru Permits, icon of cafe canopy, coffee cup, wifi symbol

For information about the Virtual Permit Center, read more at the bottom of this page.


Residential Building Information Quick Links

When Is a Permit Required, icon of form requirements overlaid with a question mark
How Do I Apply for a Permit, icon with process gear at top of form
How Much Does It Cost, icon of question mark on wallet
Do I Need an Inspection, icon of inspection list with overlapping question mark
Minimum Requirements, icon of computer with check marks next to list of items

Need to Know Information

Notices and Alerts, pic of announcement tower for changes in processes, legislations, fees, etc.
ePlan, pic of back of engineer reviewing architectural plans on computer screen
Frequently Asked Questions, icon of FAQ acronym inside speech bubble
Make a Payment, ePayments, icon of wallet with money
Contact Information, icon of phone and ellipsis in speech bubble
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Residential Fence and Gate Owner Certification form for Fence Permits

New Requirement Helps Streamline the Permit Process for Residential Fences

DPIE's Site/Road Plan Review Division (SRPRD) has streamlined permitting procedures for Residential Fence Permits by designing a form that establishes when a permit review is needed or not needed by the SRPRD. The landowner is required to sign and submit the new "Residential Fence/Gate Owner Certification" form for all residential fence permits. This form will help shorten the timeframe for residential fence permits by predetermining the review steps in order to keep the permit moving forward.

Welcome to the DPIE Virtual Permit Cafe, for Homeowner Walk-Through Permits 2B

Virtual Permit Center Café (VPC)

DPIE launched the VIRTUAL PERMIT CENTER CAFÉ (VPC) for Homeowner Walk-Through Permits following COVID-19 safety protocols. The Virtual Permit Café is an online system that allows customers to have plans reviewed virtually. A list of the eligible permit types can be found HERE. For more information on DPIE's Homeowner Walk-Through Permit Process, visit our Virtual Permit Café (VPC) page.

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