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Changes coming soon to Momentum.


The new Momentum permitting system is live.  However, you will use the legacy ePermits online system for the following only:

  1. Cell Tower Permits
  2. Special Utility Permits
  3. Department of Environment Permits
  4. Electrical or Mechanical Permits that are associated with an existing permit in ePermits 
  5. For revisions to applications/permit prior to 5/1/23, you must utilize the existing revision process found here

For all other permits you must use Momentum by applying here.

New Trade Permits Accepted in Momentum

As of Monday, April 24, 2023, new trade permits (electrical and mechanical) that do not require a building permit will be accepted in Momentum. Read more here.

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BUILDING MANUALS — Step-by-Step Instructions with Visuals

SITE/ROAD MANUALS — Step-by-Step Instructions with Visuals

TRADE MANUALS — Step-by-Step Instructions with Visuals

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VIDEOS — Step-by-Step Visual Instructions on How to Complete Your Registration

Walk step-by-step with L.I.S.A., DPIE's Live Interactive Support Associate, as she shows you the Momentum registration process in these how-to videos.

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Registration Information

Registration is a new requirement for applicants utilizing DPIE services in Prince George’s County. You will need to register as a "company" or an "individual."  Registration is a one-time process. Once you have registered yourself or your company, you will be able to use your Registration Number to apply for any Prince George's County permits or licenses needed to conduct business in Prince George's County. The County will use the registration to better organize and communicate with our customer base.

To apply for a health permit, business or rental license, or renew an existing license, please follow these instructions:

1. Create a new online user profile at the Momentum portal.

2. To create a new online user profile, you will need a valid email address that you will be able to continually access.

3. Once you have successfully created an online license profile, you must register with Prince George’s County. To register a company, an EIN # is required and must be provided at the time of registration. To register as an individual, a valid government-issued identification is required, such as a driver’s license, a passport or a state ID card. A copy of the ID must be provided.

4. If you are renewing an existing business license, enter your current license number in the Migrated App # field.  Please note that you will need to have your current license number available when processing your renewal application in the system.

Rental Property Licensing
To apply for a housing rental license or view/renew an existing application, please follow the steps as listed in the guides above to create a new online user profile and registration. If your new user profile is created with the same email address that was provided in your existing rental application/license, then it will be associated to your new user profile automatically. If no email address was found associated to your existing application/license, then you will be required to enter the existing rental application # in the Migrated App # Field when creating your registration in order to associate it to your new user profile.

Contact Information

Health Licenses
Email or call 301-883-7605.

Business Licenses

Rental Property Licenses