Use & Occupancy


A Certificate of Occupancy or Use and Occupancy Permit is issued by the Department of Permitting, Inspections and Enforcement to officially state that the business identified meets local zoning and safety requirements and may legally operate. A new Use and Occupancy Permit is required when a change of tenant/occupant, use, or ownership occurs and no construction is required.

No Construction

The following plans and documents are required for a Use and Occupancy Permit with no construction:
  • Property Tax ID Number
  • Three (3) Site/Plot Plans Showing Lot, Building and Parking
  • Original, signed lease agreement between owner and tenant, or a letter of authorization from owner on the owner's letterhead indicating the tenant's name, the name of the business and the type (use) of business that the owner is authorizing to use the space.
  • The letter of authorization has to be signed by the owner.
  • If the owner of the property is a business entity, i.e., LLC, the owner must include the entity's name, and the letter must be signed by the authorized member of the entity.

Special Events

The following plans are required for a Special Event Temporary Use and Occupancy Permit:
  • Property Tax ID Number
  • Three (3) Site Plans
  • One (1) Letter From Owner
Use and Occupancy situation, New Owner

Applications & Forms