new momentum system and services


The new Momentum permitting system is live.  However, you will use the legacy ePermits online system for the following only:

  1. Cell Tower Permits
  2. Special Utility Permits
  3. Department of Environment Permits
  4. Electrical, Mechanical and Fire Permits that are associated with an existing permit in ePermits 
  5. For Sewer/septic applications please fill out this application and forward to
  6. For Well applications please fill out this application and forward to  
  7. For revisions to applications/permit prior to 5/1/23, you must utilize the existing revision process found here

For all other permits you must use Momentum by applying here.

New Trade Permits Accepted in Momentum

New trade permits (electrical and mechanical) that do not require a building permit are now accepted in Momentum. Read more here.

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Building Permits and Inspections Overview

Important Message

DPIE is experiencing lengthy delays in permit application and building plan reviews for several reasons: higher than normal application submittals, staff shortages due to retirement, staff resignations and other factors.  To address these delays, DPIE is utilizing overtime, employing contract plan reviewers and providing residential templates for deck design to reduce review times. DPIE is also providing outreach community information sessions to walk residents through processes.

New Requirement Helps Streamline the Permit Process for Residential Fences. For more information, view Notices & Alerts.

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What Permit Services Are You Looking For?

Commercial Building Permits, icon of workman with plans in front of partially constructed building
Residential Building Permits, icon of house half built and half under construction in framework
Site Road Permits,  icon of excavator moving dirt around curved road
Health Permits, icon of Health logo of heart in house over cross symbol
Special Event Permit, icon of party popper
DDPIE Connect Mini Preliminary Design Review Meeting, icon of puzzle pieces connecting
Plan Review, icon of architect drawing
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Do You Have a Permits Question?

Permit Review Timelines 1, icon of trail to a permit
What Is My Building Permit Status,
When Does a Homeowner Need a Permit, icon of permit form with question mark

Want to Know How Long a Permit May Take?

Review the timeline to get a permit by job classification types.

Need to Know Your Status?

Do you need to know your Permit Status? There are several ways to check.

When Does a Homeowner Need a Permit?

Need to know when a Permit is required? View the project categories list.

How Long Is a Permit Valid, icon of clock, permit and question mark
How Do I Get a U and O Certificate, icon of dual use switch-over business from garage to boutique
Where Do I Pay for My Permit, icon of permit with question mark

How Long Is a Permit Valid?

Review permit validity requirements to keep your permit active.

How Do I Get a U&O Certificate?

Review requirements to receive a Use and Occupancy Permit Certificate.

Need to Pay for Your Permit?

Looking to pay for your Permit? Visit DPIE's Payments page.

What Work is Exempt from Permits? Icon of handyman with wrench in front of house and question mark
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What Work Is Exempt from Building Permits?

Review the list of projects exempt from permits.

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Permits Quick Links

Permits and Inspections Search, Status and History, icon of construction and employee
Online Applications, globe on computer screen
Virtual Permit Center Cafe Homeowner Walk-Thru Permits, icon of cafe canopy, coffee cup, wifi symbol
Building Permit Fee Multiplier Adjustment, icon of calculator
Bonds and Fees, pic of papers and credit cards
Make a Payment, ePayments, icon of wallet with money

Need to Know Permit Information

Notices and Alerts, pic of announcement tower for changes in processes, legislations, fees, etc.
Frequently Asked Questions, icon of FAQ acronym inside speech bubble
For More Information, icon of large, italic i in speech bubble
Plan Review, icon of architect drawing
ePlan, icon of back of engineer reviewing architectural plans on computer monitor
ePlan Workflow icon showing pathway to a Building Permit
Contact Information, icon of phone and ellipsis in speech bubble

Please Note:  Printers are NOT available onsite for customers.