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In 1988, Art in Public Places (AIPP) was created by Prince George's County Council legislation amidst a rising number of jurisdictional, "Percent for Art" initiatives emerging nationwide in support of public artwork in building construction. The program applies at least one percent of the construction costs of certain new County civic buildings and major renovations of County civic buildings, to the acquisition and installation of artwork.

Art in Public Places was formed to provide meaningful opportunities for artists, to contribute to the development of art and culture in Prince George's County, and to visually enhance public settings for its citizens. The program also strives to further its mission through collaborations with other organizations and private sector construction in the County to facilitate the presence of public artwork in a greater variety of locations.

The Art in Public Places Plan and Implementation Guidelines require a voluntary seven-member Panel appointed by the County Executive and approved by the County Council to serve staggered three-year terms. The Panel acts in the public interest to support program goals and objectives. Its members include two citizens, an expert in Art in Public Places guidelines, and one representative each from the County Council, County Executive's Office, Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission, and Prince George's Arts and Humanities Council respectively.

What We Do

The Art in Public Places Program is Prince George’s County Government’s only public art program that contributed to the place-making and aesthetic significance of the Capital Improvement Projects. It is a percent-for-art initiative that integrates unique and significant works-of-art into new and substantial renovated County buildings as part of the construction cost of a facility.he public art process involves community and facility stakeholders, artists, construction professionals, local government offIt is administered through the Office of Central Services, Office of the Director, Construction Division.

Art in Public Places is the fabric that brings together art, people and place enriching the landscape of Prince George’s County, Maryland.


  • Provide the County with high quality and diverse art forms as a tool to humanize our urban, suburban and rural environments.
  • Integrate art into the architecture and urban design of County-built public spaces where it will be accessible and visible to the public and create exciting, appealing, and harmonious public spaces.
  • Reflect and celebrate the County’s rich cultural heritage, ethnicity, commonality and civic pride, and environmental diversity.
  • Challenge artists to respond innovatively and collaboratively with community stakeholders by stimulating collaboration and understanding between artists and Prince George’s County’s diverse community.
  • Enrich civic pride, community identity, spirit and pride.
  • Strengthen economic and community development as well as contribute to tourism attractions.
  • Foster the public's understanding and enjoyment of public art.
  • Attain recognition as local, regional and national leader in art in public places by insuring the creation of the highest quality public art.

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