Permitting Forms

Permits, Applications, & Forms

  1. Agencies to Contact to Obtain Disconnection Letters Prior to Raze Permit
  2. Application for Plan Examination and Permit Form (PDF)
  3. Area Site Lighting Requirements (PDF)
  4. DPIE Guidelines for Permitting for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations (PDF)
  5. DPIE Guidelines for Permitting Rooftop PV Solar Array Systems (PDF)
  6. Electrical Permit Application Form Fees (PDF)
  7. Electrical Plan Review Minimum Submission Checklist (PDF)
  8. Farmers Market Operations Procedures (PDF)
  9. Homeowner Improvement Authorization Letter (PDF)*
  10. HVAC System Certification Form (PDF)
  11. Impact Fees Supplemental Information Form (PDF)
  12. Instructions to Request Inspections (PDF)
  13. Job Classification Chart Timelines (PDF)
  14. Master License Agreement for Small Wireless Facilities (PDF)
  15. Mechanical Plan Review Minimum Submission Checklist (PDF)
  16. Minimum Plan Submission Requirements for Residential Projects (PDF)
  17. MPIA Request Form (PDF)
  18. New Requirements for Use & Occupancy Permits
  19. Payment Acknowledgement Form - DPIE (PDF)
  20. Permit Renewal Extension Request (PDF)
  21. Projects that Qualify for Homeowner Walk-Through Reviews (PDF)
  22. Property Owner Authorization Letter SITE ROAD PERMIT (PDF)
  23. School Facilities Surcharge and Public Safety Fees Adjusted (PDF)
  24. Sign Permit Application (PDF)
  25. Solar Photovoltaic System Fee - Electrical Bulletin (PDF)
  26. Special Event Permit Request Form (PDF)
  27. State Accessibility Compliance Form for Alteration & Addition to Existing Commercial Buildings (PDF)
  28. Tenant Fit-Outs Guide (PDF)
  29. Tower Crane Safety Agreement (PDF)
  30. Transmittal Form (PDF)
  31. Use and Occupancy (U&O) Permit Notice (PDF)
  32. Variance Request (PDF)
  33. Volume - Plans Exam and Permits (PDF)

*Homeowner Improvement Authorization Letter — Please email this form back to your application processor.