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Peer Review Program


Prince George’s County offers a Peer Review Program (hereinafter referred to as PRP) through the Department of Permitting, Inspections and Enforcement (DPIE) to provide an optional tool for applicants to expedite and ensure quality control in the County’s Plan Review and Permit processes, while also ensuring the safety of citizens in and visitors to the County. The Purpose of the PRP is to reduce review times associated with review and approval of submitted construction plans.

DPIE’s Peer Review Program allows owners and applicants to select DPIE-certified peer reviewers at their own cost to expedite the plan review process in lieu of County staff. Peer reviewers can be retained for various types of building and site development projects. The results of their efforts are reviewed and approved by County staff. Using peer reviewers can reduce the plan review and approval timeframe by up to 50%. For more details, access the "DPIE Peer Review Program Manual (PDF)," which describes the certification requirements for prospective candidates, peer reviewer responsibilities, steps in the peer review process, documentation requirements, performance criteria, disciplinary actions, and various forms to be used by peer reviewers in carrying out their responsibilities.

Approved Peer Reviewers

  1. Building Plan Peer Reviewers List by Discipline (PDF)
  2. Building Plan Peer Reviewers List by Firm (PDF)
  3. Building Plan Peer Reviewers List by Last Name (PDF)
  4. Site-Road Certified Peer Reviewers List (PDF)