Pavement Assessment Management System (PAMS)

The Pavement Assessment Management System (PAMS) website is the authoritative source for:
  • Determining whether a roadway is county-maintained or not
  • Describing recently completed and proposed paving projects by the county, utility companies and the development community

Instructions on How to Use

Go to the Pavement Assessment Management System (PAMS) website.
You will get a screen that looks like this:

Opening Screen

Turn Layers On/Off as Needed

Under Content, click “PPCM” to see the list of the various layers (see below screenshots).

PPCM view 1
PPCM view 2
Turn Layers On/Off.
Click “Legend” to determine what the various colors and patterns mean.
How to Zoom to a Location
To zoom to a location, type in the road intersection or an address in the search field.
Zoom a location