Electrical Permits

Master electricians are required to apply for electrical permits via the DPIE Online Electrical Process. Electrical Orientation Training is no longer required. The master electrician must follow the steps below to register and obtain access to the DPIE Online Electrical Process.

After you submit your information, please allow 24 hours for verification of your registration information before our department grants you access.
  1. First, complete the "Online Permit Application - Electronic Signature Acknowledgment Form"
  2. Next, register and/or create your user profile
  3. Finally, send an e-mail to DPIE at: onlineelectricalpermits@co.pg.md.us
The e-mail information should contain the following information:
  • Company Name
  • E-mail Address (used as the login when setting up the profile)
  • Electrical Contractor (Company) License Number (the number shown in black text)
  • Completed Electronic Signature form
  • Scanned, color copy of the latest Master's Electrician License (wallet card)
  • Scanned, color copy of the Master's Driver's License
Only revisions to electrical permits will be processed by DPIE staff in the Permit Center. Computers are available in the Permit Center for public use to process online electrical permits. However, DPIE printers will not be available to print the electrical permits.

Should you have any questions, please send an e-mail to: onlineelectricalpermits@co.pg.md.us.

Access the Online Electrical Permit Application.
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