Site/Road Plan Review

The Site/Road Plan Review Division reviews and approves site and roadway plans for proposed site development and road improvement projects located within County rights-of-way and on private property in Prince George’s County. To process your Site/Road or Floodplain application online, visit the Momentum portal.

Plan Review Services

The Site/Road Plan Review Division and co-located agencies provide plan review services for the following types of permits and submittals:

  • Traffic Impact Studies
  • Site Development Concept Plans
  • Floodplain Studies and Floodplain Impacts
  • Water and Sewer Planning
  • Plans, Permits, Bonds and Rights-of-Way Plats and Easements for Site/Road Development involving Grading, Roads, Paving, Stormwater Management and Storm Drainage
  • Proposed Utility Work in Public Rights-of-Way
  • Tree Conservation Plans and Natural Resource Inventories (M-NCPPC)
  • Sediment and Erosion Control Plans (PGSCD)

The agencies maintain inventory of floodplain studies, new roadways, storm drainage systems and stormwater best management practices (BMP), as well as collaborate with municipal, state, federal and other government agencies.

New Requirement Helps Streamline the Permit Process for Residential Fences. For more information, view Notices & Alerts.


What Site/Road Plan Review Services Are You Looking For?

District Engineering, icon of 2-way road with overpass
Traffic Engineering, icon of red, yellow, green traffic light
Utility Engineering, suspension bridge over river
Drainage and Flooding, icon of rain, rising water, and house being carried away by flooding
Floodplains, icon of layers of soil and water
Water and Sewer, icon of stack of long sewer pipes
Bridge, Structural, NPDES Compliance, image of bridge
Geotechnical, icon of chipping at rock with axe

Site/Road Plan Review Quick Links

Permit Review Timelines 1, icon of trail to a permit
PAMS, icon of Pavement Assessment Management System map with GPS indicator
Site Road Permits,  icon of excavator moving dirt around curved road
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Need to Know Site/Road Plan Review Information

Notices and Alerts, pic of announcement tower for changes in processes, legislations, fees, etc.
Applicable Codes, icon of law books
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Municipality-Responsibilities, icon of gated neighborhood
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Peer Review Program, icon of culvert style bridge with car crossing over top

Peer Review Program (PRP)

Prince George’s County offers a Peer Review Program (PRP) through DPIE to provide an optional tool for applicants to reduce review times associated with review and approval of submitted construction plans. For more information, visit the Peer Review Program page.