Third-Party Commercial Inspections

The Third-Party Inspection Program (TPIP) provides the framework for Third-Party Inspection agents hired by the owner to evaluate the work of the various trades. These professionals then provide certifications to the County attesting to the quality of work as related to the County Code.

Commercial Construction & Life Safety Section (CCLSS)

The Commercial Construction and Life Safety Section (CCLSS) provides oversight for the Third-Party Inspection process required for new commercial construction in the County. In addition, CCLSS provides commercial electrical inspections for commercial projects that are not third-party.
Two inspectors inspecting pipe installation

Special Construction

Cell Towers

Effective immediately, all cell tower inspections are required to be conducted by Third-Party Inspectors. The customer should complete the Third-Party Inspection Program (TPIP) package and turn it in with their permit application. The customer receives the phone number after they have an approved package to arrange for a modified pre-construction meeting. This may be electrical inspections only.

Qualifying for the Program

To discuss whether a project qualifies for this Program, please contact Building Plan Review Division at 301-636-2070.

TPIP Information

Commercial Boiler